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Jun 22, 2004
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Hey guys, I have done a little search to see if its been posted but didnt find anything.

Here is a link to, where they have posted the teaser of the "in-game" model of Spiderman 3, which will most probably release on the PS3 and 360 (perhaps the PS3 looking a bit smoother with its power harnessed more by then)

Enjoy guys :) it looks sweet!
I don't like it too much. They have the power to render all of that raised webbing in real time, and yet it doesn't look quite exactly like the Spider-Man 3 suit.

Also the animation was kinda bad... it seemed like the same awkward-looking moves from the previous games...

Oh well.

I hope this new game will once again be free-roaming, except in a full-scale New York. Have you guys seen the Superman Returns gameplay video? It's on the same Gametrailers site. The city and buildings and ENORMOUS compared to the ones in the Spider-Man 2 movie game.
they have a LONG way to go until the release of this game, im glad they are so far already. this game could be awesome.
yeah it looks okay its fine bye me as long if it is free roaming,

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