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Sep 30, 2004
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I've always been curious...

Two questions... What is your age and what is your gender?

After answering the poll, if you want, include some other stats, like education, occupation, rough income level, ethnicity, and location.
I'm a 24 year old Father, currently in school

location :East Coast, USA
income : broke
ethnicity: white
education : one year of college, then moved on to computer certifications
occupation : Stay at home dad
Didn't mean to make two threads... Oh, well... :O

Age: A girl never tells, but I will confess to being over 30...
Education: College graduate (Southwestern University/Art major = BFA)
Occupation: Art Director/Designer
Ethnicity: White (5th generation native Texan)
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single... sorta. Long-term relationship. (He's a total babe, but I'm still dragging my cold feet...)
Location: Austin, Texas
I'm an 18 year old student in my senior year of high school.

Gender: Male
Location: Ann Arbor, Mi
income: non-existant
ethnicity: white
education: It says above.
Occupation: Hopefully an artist of sorts. That is, after I go to an art school and the like. No real job.
I'm an 18 year old senior in highschool. I'm on these boards because I love comics, I'm an artist, and always dreamed of working for Marvel. But for one more reason. I see many parrallels(spelled wrong) between my life and different heroes.
I'm like Kyle Rayner, because I figure if I were to ever be a super hero I would be him. I am an artist, so naturally my power would be to make the imaged real (via the lantern ring).
I'm like Spider-Man because I treasure my friends and family, I do what I have to do. I don't picture myself as the strongest, but I'm not the weakest. And I think my will is as strong as Parker's is when he's determined.

Location: Jersey
income: does house special lo mein count as an income?
education: Senior HS (graduation is in june, hazzah!)
Occupation: Adventuerer! or Student....whichever you'd like.
39 Male
Senior Accountant zzzzzzzzzzzz..I's boring
Divorced Father of two teenagers, boy and girl
I have a bachelors degree in business administration and am working on my Masters with a concentration in Community Economic Development...(of course I 've been working on it since I wAS 30 :) )
I reside in Cape Breton Nova Scotia ....

Do I get to spin the wheel now?
age: 26
gender: male
education: Illinois State University grad
occupation: deli clerk, journalism student
ethnicity: white
location: Crystal Lake, Illinois
Age- 41
Gender- Male
Occupation- Pharmacy services
education- 3 years at Pitt
Pittsburgh burbs
got 2 kids, sons, 11 and 7 and trying to convert them into lifetime spidey fans too!!
Age: 21
Education: 3 years of Ohio State University. 3 left to go, including this year.
Occupation: Not at the moment... After college, high school art teacher.
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Location: London, Ohio

It seems a lot of artists are attracted to comics. I mean, I've always known that from these boards, but it really stands out when you set up a survey like this. Should be interesting to see what percentage are when the poll's done.

It's also interesting that so far out of 23 people, 5 of them are genderless. :)
Age: 19
Education: 1 year of College, about to start 2nd
Occupation: Writer (Working towards a third done on first novel)
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Age: 21
Education: Currently Attending College (On my 3rd year)
Occupation: Work 2 Retail Jobs (K-Mart and Hollywood Video)
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male
Location: Riverside, CA

And I am engaged to my beautiful and perfect girlfriend and soon to be future wife, Sarah.
Age 24
Education High School, 4th year Uni, First 2 years at NYU next two at UBC
Occupation: Student (Served in the United States Marine Corps. from 2001 - 2003)
Income: None required, been, Bruce Wayning off inheritance and estate since I was 10
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Buffalo NY now residing in Vancouver B.C.

Looking forward to in 06
Getting engaged to my high school sweetheart Melissa
Seeing my 'Lil Sis enter High School
Finishing Uni and returning to the US of A

- PH
Age: 22
Location: London, England
Income: Meh
Ethnicity: White
Education: Some college
Occupation: Computer Engineer
age: 25
gender: male
education: post grad degree in illustration
occupation:videogame retail job just ended last week,
so unemployed right now
ethnicity: white
location: Manchester, England

First came into contact w/ Spidey via the early eighties cartoons when I was a todler, the rest is history.
Currently working on constructing my own online portfolio and putting together a 3 page sample of my panel work to send to panini publishing in london using Bendis' USM scriptbook.
Age: 25
Gender: I'M ALL MAN, BABY!!!
Education: Associate's Degree in Advertising and Graphic Design
Occupation: Graphic Designer/Production Employee (Job 1), Comic Book Penciller (Job 2)
Income Level: American Country White Trash
Ethnicity: White as hell.
Location: Coats, North Carolina
Marital Status: Happily Married
age: 31
gender: male
education: Marketing degree, MA Business Management
occupation: Senior Marketing Executive (yeah I know - Boo hiss)
ethnicity: white
location: Cambridge, England, UK
Income: above the average
Martila status: Happily married
Age: secret
Sex: Male (and yes please)
Education: College
Occupation: Data entry, student, writer
Ethnicity: White
Location: Look left.
Income: Insignificant
Marital Status: Happily married to the greatest girl ever born.
Oops! I only put my age in the poll above. Add one more female, please. :)

Age: 29 (30 in March)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White/Hispanic
Education: Master's degree
Occupation: Career Counselor/College Faculty
Income: More than I made at my last job ;)
Location: Florida, USA
Marital status: Happily married, expecting baby...
CaptainStacy said:
Any chance on getting a mod to merge both threads?
That's a good idea... how?

I think it's interesting that only 8 (so far) are in the high school range, while 39 are adults...

But I KNOW there are more girls than indicated, cause Mara Jane and I (yes I know I set up the silly thing) forgot to vote on gender. So add at least 2 more to the total.
age: 20
gender: Female
education: Currently attending a job training school
occupation: Student
ethnicity: Caucasian
location: Whitestone, NY
Silver Sable said:
age: 20
gender: Female
education: Currently attending a job training school
occupation: Student
ethnicity: Caucasian
location: Whitestone, NY
Did you vote "female" in the poll?
age: 32
gender: Male
education: 3 yrs College
ethnicity: White/Hispanic
location: Tampa, FL
occupation: Roadway Design Technician
Marital Status: Married, have a baby girl too

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