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Starwars figures.


May 24, 2007
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The Starwars action figuresthat have come out in the last year have been awesome, and they just keep getting better.

The Ralph Mcquarrie concept figs are such a great idea. I'm so glad they made them. I've always loved Ralph's art, and now I found out today he has his own action figure.

I got 4-LOM today and saw on the back that they have a pre cyborg grievous, I couldn't see what he looked like from the small pic but, I can't wait to see what he looked like before he was turned into a cyborg.

Was his original look revealed in a comic, or is the figure the first look at him like this? I don't know, little help's appreciated to anyone who might know. Thanks.

I'm about to start reading the comics and novels. I'm just now expanding my action figure collection. I've always loved starwars but have been busy with other things and, couldn't get as involved with it as I wanted to.

I see now also that they have a Luke 'Starkiller' figure, that's one I have to have.

Anyone have any pics of their collection? Put 'em up.
pics like that would be in our respective collection threads. most of them are full of ML's though
I collect Jedis only.....I used to get a lot more SW figs but I needed to cut back so I am only gettign jedis now....but also only Jedis I kinda know....So none of these comic ones or KOTR ones.....I did get Quinlan Vos....and I might get Mara jade....but other than that it's only gonna be movie ones and Clone Wars ones.
I've got a few of the concepts. I'll post pics sometime today.
I've got a few of the concepts. I'll post pics sometime today.
where are your pics? I'd like to see them.

If I had the means I'd post my collection. I just got Threepio with Salatious Crum, and Biggs in his regular clothes not the one in uniform.

The two figures I really wanna' get are Yoda riding that one creature and Luke 'Starkiller'.

I really love this new line. Cool box too, one of the best box designs StarWars has had in awhile.

I want some basic figs too like the regular Darth Vader and a snowtrooper.

I just saw the pic for the Concept Snowtrooper, I have to get that.
there is a diorama statue coming based off the Duel Of Fates fight.

It's got Obi Attacking Darth Maul, while Maul defends and is kickin Qui Gon in the chest.

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