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Jun 9, 2003
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I remember seeing this in theaters back in '97. Yes, I was one of the five people who did that.

How about you? Ever bothered to see this?

I have some odd affection for it. Maybe because it came in the summer of Batman & Robin and Spawn, so it naturally got a little bit of slack in that sea of crap. I know it's bad, but I kind of enjoy it anyway on its own lame terms. Maybe it's my Annabeth Gish fixation.

At any rate, I firmly believe that any/all movies, especially any/all superhero movies, should be on DVD. So I really wish they'd put this goofy-ass thing out.
think it is on dvd and really don't care, I hate it
I have the VHS the suit was cool everything else is crap.
deathshead2 said:
I have the VHS the suit was cool everything else is crap.

I love the funky-fresh disco score. ;)
Bishop2 said:

You know, when I was ten, this didn't seem so bad... the only part I recall not liking was having Ray J instead of a female kid sidekick, and Steel Grappling away from the scene like Batman...

Seeing the pic now it looks painful... not sure I'd wanna sit through it again...

I think I saw this when I was 10 or something, but I had no idea who it was about since I hadn't read any american comics.
Thankfully I don't remember a single thing that happened in it.
The only reason why this thing got made was because Shazam did good the first week or two it was out and he was a Superman fan. He might have been good has he had more acting experience. But th efilm should never have been made. This was an agents deal and nothing more.
I think I saw it on tv once. And this is another example of what happens when people who have no idea how to make movie, get to make a movie. Shaq, being a Superman fan, wanted to play Steel...somehow Quincy Jones (music producer...WTF?) got involved and he produced the thing, and then all of a sudden the world is cursed with this piece of crap.

The only way this movie would've worked would have been to A. Use the actual costume from the movie (full armor/cape...which could only be done if it was computer animated...no person should actually prance around in an actual metal outfit.) B. Tie it to the Superman roots...at least give it a mention or provide a brief overview. and C. (and most importantly). DO...NOT...CAST...SHAQ!!!!!!!!!
lol@ at the climatic scene mocking his free-throw shooting ability

Ray J:"Bend your knees and follow through!!!!!" :eek:
Superman \S/ said:
Ashley Hartman is hot, nice avatar Super Luda.

There's a face? I thought it was just a set of breasts...

Honestly, if this had had something to do with Superman then that would've been AWESOME. Especially if the suit had actually been, yknow... AWESOME and powerful, but it was just some body armor. Also, Shaq, with a few extra acting lessons would've done great with some more serious material for John Henry Irons. If Shaq could bring the intensity and mindset to the set that he brings to games, John Henry Irons could've been one hardbutt stone cold mofo... but no... we got goofy shaq. Boo.

The sonic weapon angle had potential, but they used it as a gimmick and not as a support for what Steel is supposed to be. If he had just half flown for a moment on experimental rockets, that'dve been great...

There NEVER should have been a motorcycle. The hammers main function NEVER should've been to shoot stuff. And having a big huge flowing cape would've been awesome. He should've come in like a hero, a fledgling (but invincible) hero, but a hero nontheless...

Also, this film suffers for lack of a decent villain...
The movie was terrible but I want it on DVD.

And is it just me, or does that photo come across as... provocative? Is Steel trying to compensate for something?
The Movie sucked hard for a fan of Steel.

How it could have worked:
Make it a very dark film. (not Batman Dark, but far from kid Friendly)
A hard PG-13 (in Violence)
Instead of those stupid Sonic weapons they should have stuck with Toastmasters.
Bring in the "White Rabbit" in some form.
No Shaq. (he didn't do a terrible job, but I would have preffered an actual actor. Black actors need work)
this was a real movie?
Is that Shaq?
O M G. I thought this was a joke thread at first, the live action Justice League until I googled it and...wow.
lol@ people not knowing about this film

Soundtrack was funny too

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