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Dec 16, 2002
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I was doing my usual weekly Browsing on Comics Continuum and saw this little news and i just Had to make a thread. Possibly the best not to mention longest running fighting game series ever gets they're own comic book....... again........



Written by Ken Siu-Chong.
Art by Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, and Andrew Hou.
Covers by Joe Madureira, Arnold Tsang and Jo Chen.

"Round One! Fight!" In part 1 of the first 6-issue introductory story arc, Ryu makes a solemn journey from Japan to San Francisco to deliver grave news to his old friend and sparring partner, Ken - that their master has been murdered by an unknown enemy. Meanwhile, Guile, fueled by his need for vengeance as much as his sense of duty, delves into Interpol's investigation of Shadaloo, the criminal organization responsible for the mysterious disappearance of his comrade and closest friend, Charlie. Plus: Fan-favorite artist Joe Madureira returns to the drawing board, contributes a classic bonus prequel story detailing Ryu's first fateful encounter with Sagat...

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on Sept. 3.

Hows about that:)?, With Three variant covers to boot!!....



My Personal fav, hopefully i'll get this one:D..

Dam thats almost the Whole crew!!!. Anybody could name em all:D? NO CHEATING:mad::D.....

Street Fighter is ™ and © CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2003. All Rights Reserved..... [/size]
I think those covers look great, but I've always been a fan of Joe Mad. I wonder what the actual art for the book will look like.
I can't say for sure. But the covers look hot. Im getting it:cool:..........
Oh, oh, I see Alex on the Cover :D. This is looking good!
It does look good don't it. They got everybody from Alpha to Third Strike..........
i can't wait Joe Mad is my fav artist and Street fight is my fav game.
The art is also done by UDON adn since I'm an UDON hoar I'll be picking it up. GO STREET FIGHTER! Hopefully this comic, an actual STREET FIGHTER 4 and general interest will be enough to help capcom out of the hole.

Sakura better be in it!
I'll make sure to pick this up, not only because of UDON, but because I only happen to own like every Street Fighter anime every dubbed.

Personally looking foward to the Mega-Man comic more, though. This seems like G.I. JOE, a billion characters thrown into one comic, although the stars will be Ryu and Ken.

I like the Joe Mad cover the best, only because my favorite guy, Guile, is the size of a truck and is the center of it.

One more thing...

From JINoside:
Dam thats almost the Whole crew!!!. Anybody could name em all? NO CHEATING.....

From Upper Lefthand Corner to Upper Righthand Corner, off the top of my head:

Juli & Juni
Urien (Gill's brother)
T. Hawk
Dee Jay
R. Mika
E. Honda
Fei Long
Chun Li

Okay, what do I win? Aside from being a geek of many colors?
:eek: :eek: :D ...

You win, a personal compliment fron The Man himself....


:D. I wasn't expecting anybody to get them all. I thought for sure that if anybody would try to guess em, that they would miss Eagle and Gen:o.:cool: .........

I also like the Guile cover. He looks huge. But i like the bigger one more.....
I would like the bigger one more if it was the image was larger. And Dread, are you sure you have all the Street Fighter anime? Even the hentai ones? :p

Actually, how many are there? The only ones I can think of are Street Fighter 2: The movie, Street Fighter: Victory the series, and Street Fighter Alpha (zero). Is there more?
I also heard that they'res one for Street Fighter: Third Strike, but im not 100% sure if its true or not.....
Thanks for the compliment.

No, I don't have the hentai, much like with regular porno movies I find it degrading, perverted, and a bit pathetic.

But I do have any Street Fighter anime that has been dubbed. Street Fighter: The Animated Movie (which was actually the first anime I ever saw and owned), the 29 episode series Street Fighter II V (the "V" is for "victory"), and Street Fighter: Alpha (or "Zero"). I hear another Alpha movie is in the works and should be out this year or next. I was less than thrilled by the last, so, here's hoping.
I thought those were the only three different titles that were out, I just wanted to make sure. Anyone have any more info on the upcoming second Alpha movie?
Originally posted by Dread
I hear another Alpha movie is in the works and should be out this year or next. I was less than thrilled by the last, so, here's hoping.

Yeah it left me feeling like that too.

I was just waiting and waiting for it to end. Then it finally did and I was like "huh?". After paying £18 for it on DVD and only ever watching it once I can safely say its not a favourite of mine.

*clicks bottom image for wallpaper*
I really liked the animation style of Alpha though. I thought it was pretty sleek and nifty.
I like third strike even though GUY is the best.
Yeah, i hate fighting agains't him. He usually allways wins. Basterd always kicks my ass. Hes a good character to, but i like Zangief more....
I cant wait for issue one of Street fighter to come out with im a huge fan. Have you guys though read the past street fighter comic they had i think it was a 8 part issue but those were so cool the fight scenes and the art that they used. Course it ended up Ryu vs. Bison at the end so i just hope this is an ongoing series and not just like 8 issues or that again
From Dark Carnage:
Yeah it left me feeling like that too.

I was just waiting and waiting for it to end. Then it finally did and I was like "huh?". After paying £18 for it on DVD and only ever watching it once I can safely say its not a favourite of mine.

Eighteen US dollars I guess that is about $36 dollars or so, yeah, a little much for that anime, I bought the VHS for about $22 dollars.

At first I looked foward to it, as the first anime where the final villain wasn't M. Bison (who, if you watch SF anime, is a fine villain but always makes the same old mistakes over and over and thus loses), but the flick felt a little flat, especially when compared to the best fighting game anime ever, which is, IMO, the Fatal Fury trilogy, which is available for dub by Viz Video. My friends and I counted about 26 shots of Chun Li's crotch or chest/rear in that anime, to boot, because it was so blatent that it was annoying. Some of the action scenes are nice, although it shows that DBZ has really influenced people. I've watched it a few times, consider it a bit average. If they had actually battled Akuma, it would have been better. Oh, well. Least he actually showed up (aside for background appearences in random episodes of Street Fighter II V).

The lack in continuity of Street Fighter anime also hurts it a little, IMO.

But that's enough of a rant from me. I'm glad that Guile seems to be a major player from the synopsis, although we all know he gets shafted in his "revenge" against Bison because Ryu's the main guy. :(
Whoa, Mad actually crawled out from under his BC-avoiding rock and drew something?? I honestly never thought I'd see the day.

The first Street Fighter anime movie rocked. I got it on tape a long time ago and I still watch it every now and then. The opening sequence with Ryu and Sagat still gets me jazzed.
That's the one were M. Bision kidnaps Ken isn't it?

I saw that at a friends slepover ages ago. I was like "Forget Mortal Kombat!" (it sucked as a fighting game anyway, 100 percent pallet swapping with a few combos thrown in). It seriously rocked, even with the whole "readable power level thingy that DBZ made cliche."

I've never seen ANY Sakura in any decent ones? Or what are the best ones I should look for. I wanna jazz up on SF man!

The first Street Fighter movie that a few of you mentioned is called Street Fighter: The Animated Movie, and is available for VHS and DVD. It began with a battle between Sagat and Ryu (where the former gets his scar), and indeed has a plot centering on Bison abducting and brainwashing Ken since Ryu was difficult to find. Every character from Super Street Fighter appears at least once.

Next, there is an actual Street Fighter anime series, titled Street Fighter II V, which was dubbed by Manga Video and available on VHS and DVD (10 volumes VHS). It's 29 episodes long and supposedly has some of the SF crew as teenagers, like Ken, Ryu, Chun Li, Fei Long. However, about halfway through the series it doesn't seem apparent. The series follows the friends/rivals Ryu and Ken as they travel the globe trying to learn more to become the best "street fighters" after their initial arrogance causes them to get pummeled, in seperate bouts, by Guile. Along the way they meet Chun Li, Fei Long, and some other characters, learn the basics of "hadou" as well as run afoul of a drug smuggling cartel, which soon leads to Shadowlaw, and Bison himself.

The series isn't flawless but it's good enough to keep you interested, although after the first 5 volumes the episodes seemed to make vain attempts at stretching longer, such as showing the last few minutes of a previous episode as the beginning to another, and one episode towards the end simply was a "recap". Not every character appears, and Balrog is nothing more than a "spy". Still, it boasts some decent battles (the Vega/Ken fight was quite graphic). Keep in mind, the storyline is different from the game.

Lastly, there is Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie, also available on VHS and DVD. Sakura appears in this one, as well as most of the Alpha cast, if only for a few seconds in some cases (like Rolento and Guy). The plot is a little weak and the action scenes seem inspired by DBZ, as well as a lot of pointless shots of Chun Li's clothed crotch. It focuses on Ryu supposedly going "mad" by the "Dark Hadou", and he seeks answers from Akuma, while a boy who claims to be his brother appears. It all leads to Shadowlaw with some guy in glasses seeking to become the Ultimate Fighter by draining those who come to his tournament, and he has his hulking andriod who does a lot of his fighting for him. The animation style is different from the others, with Ryu's feet seeming to swell when he charges fireballs. At first pleased that this seemed like a change of pace from Street Fighter anime (where things always lead to Bison, who always loses the same way), this movie wasn't as good as I hoped. If you're a fan, worth a look. The storyline to this one mirrors the games, somewhat. And no, they don't fight Akuma.

If you've seen the first movie, I'd recommend the series over Alpha any day. Your best bet is DVD as they have more episodes per volume than VHS.
You forgot that god-awful Street Fighter cartoon series on USA a while ago. It seemed to pick up from the movie, with Ken, Ryu, Guile, and a few others all working for the same organization. It was really terrible. Inconsistent animation, stupid dialogue, and, y'know, it was based on the movie. I'm almost sorry I brought it up now . . .

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