Stretch (Patrick Wilson, Ed Helms)

In Carnahan's defense that review has some plot specifics completely wrong. Hoping more people on here see this as I'm curious to read others reactions. I've read a couple of reviews that appeared to like it more than I did, although it is starting to grow on me a little.
I will say that I was never not entertained. From start to finish I was never bored and that's a major feat especially with today's movies.

That being said it's not that good of a movie, not bad, but not great. A lot of the dialogue and scenes werent that good. ANd this is a weird complaint, but with the dialogue it felt that Carnahan was really aiming too hard to make quotes that would be popular culture staples or popular within a cult fanbase. It came off as really self indulgent to me. Carnahan is a good director, but I feel like he couldve done better

I feel like there also were way too many storylines. There was the main one involving Stretch getting the stuff for Pine, the gambling debt, the love story, the ex gf plot that showed up for like 5 mins, the whole thing with rival limo company, etc.

The love story was really predictable and stupid. In fact the whole ending (about last 5 mins) I didnt like. I think it did that thing that some movies do now where it seems to ignore all of the sh** that happened in the rest of the movie to spin the ending into a happy one.
Ed Helms really didnt need to be in it, but he had a few funny moments. Alba was good in the short bit she was in. This is honestly the most Ive liked her in a movie (Im not a big fan of her acting) and man did she look good as ever.

Patrick Wilson was great, it was nice seeing him in a comedic role like in The A Team. He's a good actor who doesnt get his due. Chris Pine was good, but I felt they couldve gone a different, better route with his character. I know they wanted to make him extra extra weird, but it didnt really do it for me. James Badge Dale was good too.

Long story short. This was okay. Entertaining from start to finish, but it really couldve been better for the reasons I listed above.
I dont know what to give it.

I hate giving weird with decimals placement when it comes to number reviews but:

On another note, I think this would make a great tv show on FX or something. Like 10-12 episode seasons. Each taking place over the course of 1 day or night. It could bend so many genres and tropes. I really wish that would happen because I would love to return to this world and the character of Stretch.
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given the comparisons to Smokin' Aces, i'm gonna have to steer clear. i can't stand Smokin' Aces.
I didnt like Smoking Aces, but for the most part I did like this
This is on netflix streaming, I just learned. Not going to try and watch it tonight but I love Carnahan, even Smokin Aces. Christmas came early!

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