Study proves that babies can be jerks

Can one of these ****ing studies please take the time to prove whether or not the interior monologue of babies sounds like Bruce Willis' voice?
And this is some sort of revelation? Children, as a rule, dislike people who differ from them and they tend to punish (bully) anyone who deviates from what they consider normal. They love nothing more than uniformity and they seek to enforce that or to ostracize nonconformists. Kids are nasty little bastards and I'm not at all surprised that it's an ingrained part of human nature.
My best friends just had a baby. Im going to visit them at the hospital after work today. Ill make sure to see if he's a jerk or not.
How is this not a Louis CK routine?
I'm pretty sure it was a long time ago. lol
Speaking as a former baby, I can only say that this study might be true in some cases as I remember encountering many baby jerks back in the day.

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