The Official Octomom Thread

Lol, what's wrong with an Octomom thread? It's fun to discuss all the craziness surrounding the situation.
Personally I think the subject has overstayed its welcome as far as the media is concerned. Now they're just trying to milk every last drop out of it...although the topic is old and dead now. I mean seriously...does anyone care at this point? What else is there to reveal? She's a horrible, unqualified mom with no common sense and lips full of butt-fat.

We get it. :rolleyes:
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shes not ugly at all. Shes pretty actually.
She is now on welfare and food stamps. Seriously, who didn't see this coming? :dry:
this broad only cares about herself; she's the worst kind of attention ****e there is . . .
Surprise, surprise.

Octomom has filed for bankruptcy TMZ has learned.

Nadya Suleman filed for Chapter 7 today in federal court -- a month after going on welfare -- meaning she's hopelessly buried in a mountain of debt.

Chapter 7 is the most serious form of bankruptcy -- it's basically when you go belly up -- something Octo is well-familiar with.

The legal docs we obtained do not specify her creditors or how much she owes -- but it's pretty clear ... she's dead broke.
Looks like she should have taken that porn deal after all.
I don't know how relevant this is anymore but I saw an article last week on how she spent $500+ on a hair do while a friend witnessed her children running around with only shirts on, the kids being forced to pee in training seats outside, and graffiti over the inside of her house. She also locked the kids in a room while she was getting her hair done.
:dry: :dry:

Octomom has signed on to do a *********ion video ... TMZ has learned. She's hooked up with an online adult entertainment company and will shoot the video this summer. It will be released shortly thereafter -- not a lot of post production, we're told.

As for how much she'll make, it's hush hush, except we're told, "It's a lot more than the $10,000 she made for posing topless."*********ion-porn-video/
She doesn't consider the *********ion video to be porn. I can see it now... one year from now, she'll be saying, "This hardcore video isn't really porn because it's with my boyfriend. And the other guy's my boyfriend too. I've got two boyfriends."

Those poor kids.
You know, after hearing about this on TMZ and seeing the pics from the shoot; and as crazy as it sounds, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't check this out.
Clip of her new music video .. proceed with CAUTION. I cannot be responsible for your health and safety after proceeding.

You sure you want to listen to this?
You've been warned.[YT]6nJ4gYOxNwE[/YT]
Die in a fire and have all her kids adopted by parents who might actually give a ****?
and behold, her hungering spawn shall devour the known universe, and on the thirteenth hour, bear forth from her womb a new cosmos in its stead.

octomom 18:3
and behold, her hungering spawn shall devour the known universe, and on the thirteenth hour, bear forth from her womb a new cosmos in its stead.

octomom 18:3
No, the book ends at chapter 16:
Behold she will say "vote". For her womb will wish to give birth to America. And all of thou will reject her and turn to the two titans. She will arise and try to slay the Blue Ass, but she will fail. And she will be put away. And on that day, much jeering will be done at her expense. And she will turn and sayeth, saying: "Behold, yea, thou art all fools that thou fell for this book. I know that this admission will not change thou doings, so I wilt say it. Dance ye puppets dance!" But she is the fool and the puppet, for she is Octomom. The Red Longnosed one will let her free, but she will be forgotten. This is the story of Octomom. From Her birth to her freedom, from the beginning to the end.
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