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Superman Earth One


May 30, 2012
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I'm not too familiar at all with Superman, his origins, or anything really. Reviews have been great for this novel, should I pick it up as a start for Superman? Thanks.
To get the best experience out of All-Star Superman, get familiar with Silver Age Superman first imo.

Since you are not too familiar with the character, I recommend Birthright over Earth One as a modern origin story.
Nah, I don't think you need to be familiar with it at all. All-Star Superman is possibly the greatest Superman story ever. It delves into everything you'd want to know. Earth One just scratches the surface, and Birthright, while good, I don't think is as good.
I think All star i s a bit too much for a new fan.I mean i read it when i was just getting ino superman comics and it was a WTF experince for me.Read it a year later after familiarizing myself with supermans mythos and I loved it.So I advice new fans to stay away from it for a while.

If you are looking for supermans origin stories.

Superman Earth one is a great Origin story but its divisive among fans as it is basically a marvel-style approach to Superman.Newer fans love it,older fans hate it.
Its serves as the entry point to Dcs earth one which is like Marvels ultimate line-just less utilized.

Superman and the Men of Steel is a good fun retro take on Supermans origin and features the most badass superman to date but can be a bit confusing.Its also Supermans current official origin and can serve as an entry piont to the current comics

John Byrnes Man of steel
is good but most of what is good about it has been surpassed by the origin stories above.

Superman Secret origin
is cheesy and campy and is a Nostalagia fest.Excellent for fanboys of Donner movies.If you are into this sort of thing get it.If not stay away from it.

Superman Birthright is the best Origin story for Superman-its both modern and grounded yet gets superman perfectly.It does however have questionable villain plot
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I'm with Zionite with this one.

All Star is great, but I think a gentler introduction to the character is better. Birthright would definitely be my pick when suggesting a starting point.

THEN i'd say All Star, For all Seasons, For Tomorrow, Last Son, Brainiac etc.

I'd only suggest Earth One to a young teenager.
I have a question: in helps to at least pinpoint the answer(s), what do you know of Superman so far and what are you looking for, or hoping to read, in a comic?
I know he's from a different planet and his weakness is kryptonite. Lol
I would say go ahead and pick up Earth One. The Earth One books are a good read for casual comic fans. I enjoyed the heck out of the first one.
The red trunks are back in this version!
I would get Earth One Vols 1 & 2, then choose from the following for follow ups: Birthright, For All Seasons, For Tomorrow, Last Son, Brainiac, Superman and the Men of Steel.

Look them up and go from there.
To be honest Superman& Batman: Earth One is what you would want to get if you want to see what an Ultimate DCU line would be like mainly because it differs from what you're use to seeing much like the Ultimate line did. I think the line is very good if you're open to change.

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