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Jul 8, 2000
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ok, so I was just playing a round of Spider-Man 2 on PS2 when it hit me... does anyone else have SM2 that just has as much of a blasty blast torturing the bad guys in infinite ways as I do? take them to the top of buildings and throw them off... then jump off after them, catch them in mid-air, beat the crap outa them all the way to the ground. spin-pile-drive them from 1500 ft on top of the empire state building slamming them into the ground at around 250mph and jumping off without a scratch. kicking them from way up high out to the shore water with the stolen purse still in tow. web-swing-kicking a whole crowd of them up into the air.

anyway... as much as that puts a somewhat sadistic smile on my face... I wonder what sort of opportunities I'm gonna have to play around with bad guys in the superman video game. can I take a robber on a flight around the city and smack them into a building? drop them from the clouds above metropolis? I wonder what sort of all-in-the-name-of-good-fun things we'll be able to do with superman.
I don't know, but THE GODFATHER GAME gave me VERY highhopes for a Superman Free Roam, seeing as how they are both made by EA Games, and the GODFATHER is EXCELLENT.

thats true.

the godfather is fantastic.

if superman can fly as far as your character can go in the godfather, i think we are in for an amazing game.

june 28th is the release date right?

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