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TBNSC: The Brave Non Spoiler Club


...gone wrong.
Apr 11, 2006
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This is the thread for people who are brave enough to join TBNSC. TBNSC is a club in which you can read hardly any spoilers. Only minor ones. And this thread is for people who want to join or just want to talk about X3 non spoilers.

Have fun.
sounds good, cos ive been spoiledl...only maybe this should be in the non spoiler forum?
Ive only been spoiled slightly... pretty much obvious stuff... but things i kinda knew would happen really... i hope not to see any more.
i'm in if you'll have me, i need to be as spoiler free as possible for the movie now
Would you mind putting "Member of TBNSC: The Brave Non Spoiler Club" in your signature.
hmm should i join?i've only seen every single clip that ever came online and know all the movie in details ..
You can. You just cant read anymore spoilers.
Non-spoilery fun you say? That be what the non-spoilers X3 forum is for.
Yeah but this is where new reviews come up and where 99% of the forum goes.

lol sometimes people just blurt them out...i know a few things i may not have wanted to know but i avoid reading in depth the "ive seen the movie and will write a tell all book" type of threads. i havent seen these clips going around simply because its ridiculous at this point, but i saw the fox special.

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