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Teacher Story Not Revolving Around Her Sleeping With an Underage Student


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Sep 28, 2004
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Alright. This teacher hasn't done anything wrong except having pictures of her scantily clad on a website.

Provocative pictures of West Boca High teacher Erica Chevillar have been posted on the Web all year with no complaints, but now students have been trading site links and at least one parent has complained.

Chevillar, a first-year social studies teacher, told officials she had forgotten about the pictures taken while in college.

Earlier this week, a parent complained about the pictures of Chevillar posted on the U.S.A. National Bikini Team Web site and some students have begun sending links to the site, although the site is blocked by district computers.

Although Chevillar, 25, won't be disciplined for her actions, the complaint has publicized the site, which shows Chevillar in more than two dozen poses, including one in a G-string. The Web site for the Boca Raton-based company features dozens of models from throughout the country posing in string bikinis and lingerie. The company publishes a calendar, produces DVDs and makes its models available for parties.

The pictures may be embarrassing for the school and district, but they aren't against policy, spokesman Nat Harrington said.

Harrington said the West Boca High principal has spoken to Chevillar about the pictures. Chevillar has said she plans to leave teaching and become a real estate agent — a decision she made earlier.

Harrington said he is not aware of similar incidents, but in the past teachers and other public employees have been suspended and fired for risqué appearances and pictures. In 2002, a Broward County teacher was recommended for firing and then resigned in 2002 after officials there learned he appeared in a pornographic video.

In April, Department of Children and Families social worker Alison Cushman was fired from her job after officials learned she got naked in an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show. Photos of her were posted on the show's Web site. It was the second time she took off her clothes on the show. After her first appearance, she was warned another appearance could get her fired.

Her boyfriend, Boynton Beach Detective Troy Raines was reprimanded by the department for talking about his sex life on the show and giving Stern a replica badge.

Although there are many policies about the responsibilities of teachers, they focus on instruction. Their personal lives is a gray area they must navigate on their own.

Harrington said teachers should be aware their position puts them under a microscope.

West Boca parent Rita Solnet-Motta who heard about the site said she felt sorry for Chevillar because of the publicity surrounding the pictures. "We all do stupid things in college," she said. "Maybe it's a good lesson for the kids to learn when you do stupid things when you're young it can come back to haunt them."

Here is a link to the story.

And a shot of one of them.


Here is the link to the pics. Replace ***** with b'tch.
Replace the ***** with b'tch.
Erzengel said:
Replace the ***** with b'tch.

Ah. Yeah, looking at the URL probably would've helped.

And damn, lucky students. :up:
Through Jr.High-High School and College (Went to an Engineering School), I've never had a hot teacher. I had okay looking teachers but nothing along the lines of this one or the one who slept with her student.
I never had teachers who were even remotely attractive.
it would be nice to know that for once in your life your past won't come back to haunt you.

it's strange how society still expects it's role models to be flawless, especially eithe away from their work or in the post professional lives.

parents, politicians,doctors, teachers, religious folk.

i hope my present never catches up with my future.
Something's wrong with your link, Erz. It just takes me to the Microsoft website, no matter whether I just try to go to http//savemanny.blogspot.com/ or the full URL with the correct b'tch used in place of the ***'s.

jaguarr said:
Something's wrong with your link, Erz. It just takes me to the Microsoft website, no matter whether I just try to go to http//savemanny.blogspot.com/ or the full URL with the correct b'tch used in place of the ***'s.


Forgot to put a " in there jag. Should work now after you replace the b'tch.
One of my teachers did that.
photography club was never the same again.

I slept with one of my teachers too.

couldnt sit down for a week
Odin's Lapdog said:
click the story link, there is a pic of her on there

I know, but I was curious to see the other ones. What a silly thing for people to get hung up about, though. If people were unable to escape their past mistakes and always be held accountable for them, then guys like George W. Bush, who had a cocaine and alcohol problem in his younger years, wouldn't be able to do the things that they do. Hmmm.....perhaps I'm not exactly making an argument against holding people's past sins against them...

Erzengel said:
Forgot to put a " in there jag. Should work now after you replace the b'tch.

Thanks. Seems to be working, now. Odd. At any rate, I REALLY don't see the big deal after seeing some of her other pictures. It's not like she was doing donkey shows on the web or something. They're just bikini shots for crying out loud.


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