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Sequels The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Fan Art & Manips Thread!


Dec 9, 2011
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I thought it was time to start the manips and fan art for the sequel to The Amazing Spiderman
Well... Here we are. My guess is Green Goblin will be in the next movie, simply cause Gwen is still in the movies and Mary Jane hasn't been introduced, which means Gwen probably needs to be killed off by Goblin like the comics. Oh, and Norman Osborn also seemed to be mentioned alot in ASM.

So here's something really simple, just cause i haven't contributed to the manip threads in a while.
The original:

The flipside:

Thought both of them looked good, so i'll let you decide which one you like.

- M&DC
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I'm excited to see they're design for the black costume
Bring on the Black Cat
Here's a quick one. Another is in the works, be patient. Btw, this is the Black Cat that was revealed in the ASM official video game. not much of a Black Cat, more of a Silver Sable.

I doubt anyone's even gonna comment lol, but here's my second black cat piece. I actually like this one better.
That's cool. Maybe add an actress' face to the manip next time. Great work guys :)
Mysterio manips anyone!?
My idea of a realistic Spidey costume. Inspired by the Wrestling suit in SM 2002.
External webshooters and belt with flashlight for some detective work in the dark.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
I did this before we had an official logo, i should probably update the font tbh.


here's the KRAVEN flyer in the background in it's full.

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I could see Kraven being the villain for the sequel after a giant Lizard appears in New York why wouldn't he arrive to stop the man that stopped the Lizard.
I've already posted this in the other forum but here's my unfinished drawing of the death of Gwen Stacy ( TASM Style)

Kraven would make a good side villain, but I don't think he would work on his own as a main villain. In fact, I still don't know if he is really movie worthy. Green Goblin is definitely needed for a movie. He just has to be different from the 2002 version (which can easily be done, since he won't look like a power ranger). I just hope they don't go with the Ultimate Goblin route... *shivers*

Its cool for that particular comic book title, but I don't want a Spider-Man franchise where all the villains are just giant CGI monsters.

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