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The Batman:Brave and the Bold Appreciation Thread


Dec 16, 2012
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I looked for one of these but didn't find it so I decided to start my own.

I ignorantly disregarded this show when I first caught a glimpse of it. I dismissed it as a childish, immature show only aimed at little kids. I didn't hate on it for merely being light-hearted because I need my Batman dark- I thought it was just gonna be light for the sake of being light and appealing only to small kids just to have a Batman show that all kids could watch. What a jerk I felt like.

This show is, with all seriousness, just as brilliant as Batman: The Animated Series for what it set out to do. It's a lavish, unabashed love letter to the Silver Age. I feel a person has to be a bit more than a casual fan to really appreciate this show. It not only references and pays respect to the Silver Age, but all era's of DC comics. This show is witty, tongue-in-cheek, funny and it can also be serious from time to time. The animation is crisp, vibrant and appealing. The scripts are almost always well thought out and fun. There is hardly a flat out crappy episode in its three season run. The voice acting is universally superb. There is hardly a thing I dislike about this show. It's innocent enough to be watched by small children while still be appealing to adults with it's deadpan humor and awesome respect for that bygone era of the 60s comic scene.

Agreed. As an old school comics reader who started out on comics in the pre Adam West era, I really enjoyed the show. There was a lot of stuff there that I related to and was very familiar. The characters, both in style and substance were all straight out of my childhood, but with a modern flair and sensibility. And despite initial appearances that it was a light show aimed at kiddies, I found it had that same WB attitude that there was stuff there that adults could appreciate as well as the kids. There were even some episodes that were actually fairly dark, such as the episode where Batman finally catches up with Joe Chill, and an episode in which a certain character's death caught me completely by surprise. I also enjoyed the art, it made me think that Jack Kirby could have been the art director for this show, especially notable in the character drawings in the opening title sequence. The sense of humor in a good number of episodes was fun, and the characterizations were great, I especially enjoyed their take on Aquaman. All in all, as an older comics fan who started readiong comics near the tail end of the silver age I enjoyed the heck out of this show.
EDIT: Just wanted to add, I thought the voice work was nicely done, too, Bader did a really nice Batman, and everybody else was terrific as well.
Wasn't exactly my kind of Batman but it was still a lot of fun and really well done.
Great series that had some really good episode and actually made Aquaman cool.
My favorite episodes:

1) Legend of the Dark Mite.
2) Chill of the Night.
3) A Bat Divided.
4) Shadow of the Bat.
5) Aqauman Outrageous Adventure.
I'd hate to think what it would've been like catching on to this series way after the fact instead of loving it since it first aired like I ended up doing. I even liked it more than I did BTAS by the end.
That's pretty close to how I would imagine King Kirby would have drawn Batman et al, had he the chance to do it on a regular basis. Love the art style of this show.
I agree with the other poster Bader was great as Batman, him and Conroy are my 2 fave Batman voice over actors to date.
I initially thought this show was stupid, but I watched the episode that's included on the lego batman movie (yes, I bought that, but not this) and it's truly one of the best Batman things ever. Now I'm buying more Brave and the Bold on dvd...
I tried watching the pilot episode last year, back when Netflix still had the show available for streaming, and turned it off after a few minutes. Just seemed way too "kiddie" for me.

I gave it another try on Netflix a few weeks ago and couldn't get through all of season 1 fast enough before Netflix pulled the plug on it (argh!). Not sure why I gave up on it the first time, but I couldn't stop laughing at this show. Not for any bad reasons, it was just way too funny & entertaining from the campiness. Aquaman especially was a riot. The concept of the show was pretty cool too with Batman teaming up with various other heroes, some that I've never heard of before.

It sucks that Netflix pulled it from streaming, now I have to either go through their DVDs one by one or just buy a season set on Amazon....

I still prefer BTAS, and The Batman, and Batman Beyond, but this show proved to me that I can like Batman even when he's not all "grimdark". :p
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Time to watch this again. I'll be sure to watch the Batman and Birds of Prey episode as well. :D
I'd hate to think what it would've been like catching on to this series way after the fact instead of loving it since it first aired like I ended up doing. I even liked it more than I did BTAS by the end.

Tell me about it. I became a fan of the show THIS YEAR!!

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