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Jul 2, 2003
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Welcome to the Batfleck Solo addition of the Batsuit Thread. Discuss all ideas, wants and wishes, and argue back and forth to your hearts content.

Affleck is a self-proclaimed Batman fan. Does it put his own spin on it, or does he stick with Snyder's hand-me-down?
I think he'll stick with the same general design with a few modifications. It's a shared universe. All the marvel movies tweak the costumes little by little. Each director adds some things to make it their own.

Hopefully Ben will add new gadgets
I hope he sticks with the same exact suit. It's amazing. Best version of the suit ever imo.
I hope it's the same suit but with a thinner/smaller black bat emblem and bit longer ears
If they re-design it, something a little similar to this,

I know it doesn't make any sense, but the longer ears make the suit seem unrealistic.

I don't want them to change anything about the suit.
If they redesign anything, give us the oval, damn it! :argh:
I wouldn't be against seeing something like this though


That would be eough for me if they showed a couple different suits
I know it doesn't make any sense, but the longer ears make the suit seem unrealistic.

I don't want them to change anything about the suit.

I agree with your point. Both of them, actually. Not sure if "unrealistic" is the best word to use, but for a field operation suit, it certainly makes it needlessly impractical.
Yeah practicality comes in to it, but I think I meant to say it would be it less believable.
Yeah, I think I get what you mean.
I really don't care about what is practical, for the most part. I just like the way the short ears look. It's refreshing since we've had longer ears for so long.
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Oh, definitely... personally, I prefer them shorter, a la Miller/Lee.
I think that given the size of Affleck's head, and therefore how big the cowl has to be, that the short ears look better than long ears. If the cowl were smaller, more like Christian Bale's cowl, then the longer ears would look better.
Short ears are a nice change. Fits the current suit and size of Affleck. But i hope they move on after this. Especially after a handful of movies with the same suit.
By "move on after this", do you mean with next Batman or with the current one?

Because, if it's the current one, I am of mind that cowl should never change with the same Batman, as it's essentially the character's face. It almost feels like recasting. :hehe:

I do agree that next time they reboot Batman, the suit and the cowl should go in different direction. I half-expect my love for longer ears to return when I get to see the short ones in several films.
- Keep the cowl the same, similar, and/or more streamlined
- Slightly slimmer physique, but still large and cut
- Make the suit look less worn, and/or make it with a material that looks newer and more protective
- Slightly brighter bronze belt
- No bronze toe-tips
- Keep the Batsymbol the same or very close to it, and shrink it down ever so slightly (like the way Superman's symbol was a bit smaller in BvS than in MOS)

They knocked it out of the park on the first try with the BvS Batsuit, so I want to see the same overall concept and execution, but with some minor changes to differentiate it and even make it look a bit more contemporary.
The gray and black should be kept through Justice League, then when things begin to look more hopeful I think they should signify that with Batman switching over to the blue and gray.
Do you even see the bronze accents in the film?
Do you even see the bronze accents in the film?

No, at least not on his boots because all of the bronze accents are muted on the actual suit, but the bronze boot tips have been pretty prominent in the merchandising. They look dumb, as do the bronze blades on his guantlets.
So don't buy the merchandise?

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