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The Best Fight Scene EVER!

Great Dialogue!
Amazing Fighting!
"AHG" "ahg" "AHG" "AHHH" "AGH"
"yeah...SEE YA"
I love it when the girl with the broken arm does a backflip with both arms. :o
It's funny how both dudes happen to be wearing the exact same pants.
That really is the greatest fight scene ever.
ROTFLOL, my brother showed me that about a month ago. It's awesome. :up:
Truly A Timeless Classic That Will Outlast Us All.

If dragon ball is even half as good as this I'll be able to die happy.

Michael keaton's best performance.
Most hilarious video ever!!!
They Live is still the best:

Yes, They Live! That fight seemed like it would never end lol. Great classic cheesy Carpenter!
I always lick a knife before fighting and was one of those guys a scientist because he was wearing a labcoat. Strange that he just so happens to know karate.
The most epic Walker Texas Ranger battle ever.

That was the best and the worst thing I've ever seen.

This one AGAIN?

It's still awesomely bad, but it gets posted every 2 months or something :p
Fast forward to the 5 minute mark to see one of the worst fight scenes made in history. Or you can watch it all the way through if you're a MST3K fan.

best fight scene ever/i id say terri hatcher vs charlise theron 2 days in the valley
i always thought of this as the best fight scene hands down, 4 minutes, one shot. trust me u gotta watch it if u havent seen it[YT]K06wDn3XsZE[/YT]

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