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Aug 14, 2010
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We haven't had one of these in quite some time, so I thought I'd bring it back. Feel free to edit any ideas into a video, I wish I could for this one, but I don't have proper DVD ripping software.

Throughout the trailer, we hear quotes from the Joker interrogation scene from the Dark Knight.

We see Jim Gordon in the hospital bed.

Joker: Does it depress you commissioner? To know just how alone you really are?

We see Scarecrow donning his mask from Begins.

Joker: You've changed things...There's no going back.

Scenes of Batman on the run from the end of Dark Knight.

Joker: They need you right now, but when they don't....They'll cast you out.

We see Bruce training with Ra's Al Ghul from Begins.

Joker: They're only as good as the world allows them to be.

We see shots of Two-Face, the reveal in Maroni's car and then with the Gordons hostage.

Joker: When the chips are down, these civilized people? Will eat each other.

We see the first shot of Bane, and then him lumbering towards Batman.

Joker: You see I'm not a monster.

Film's Title

Joker: I'm just ahead of the curve.
Here's mine from another thread - it's a bit too long for a TV spot so be warned:

"Why do we fall, sir?"
Injured Batman hunted by GCPD SWAT while on Batpod
People protesting violently outside Wayne Enterprises

Alfred:"So we can pick ourselves up."
Wayne smiling in front of paparazzi
Batman rescuing some orphans (St. Swithin's) from a bunch of thugs

White illuminated Bat logo on dark screen
Bane from his back as he turns his face towards screen, similar to official first photo

Bane:"The world is a prison"
stack of cars in Gotham acting as a barricade

Bane:"It is my destiny to rule it"
Bane's mercenaries trapping cops in sewers

Batman:"Not on my watch"
Bane & Batman one-on-one brawl

Ra's:"Always mind your surroundings"
Bane marching towards Batman in sewer (just like teaser)

Joker:"When the chips are down"
Football Stadium wrecked through Bane's machine
scene with people in tents - homeless

Joker:"These 'civilised' people
People with Bane's mercs attacking cops - riot scene

Joker:"will eat each other"
Men attacking boy with a tangerine

Bruce:"Me being Batman has caused this madness"
More riots and destruction of infrastructure

Alfred:"Hanging up the cowl won't solve anything"
Alfred holding Batman's cowl

Miranda Tate:"Your father's methods were the most effective"
Miranda consoling Bruce

Alfred:"There's always hope around the corner"
Blake & Gordon in shootout with Bane's mercs
Cops near City Hall cheering while looking at the sky

Miranda:"Look at this desperate and pitiful city - it's screaming for someone like your father. This is too much for Batman."
More shots of homeless Gothamites
Bane propaganda posters
Cops drawn back
People with kids crying
Gordon walking on ice

Gordon:"The Batman... has to come back. He must."
Gordon in hospital

Shot of Batman saying "I need your help"
Shot of concerned Fox saying "I don't know. This is very dangerous"
Shot of Catwoman saying "You're kidding. This will be a lot of fun."

Batman:"Time to fight back"

Batwing chasing and firing at Tumblers
Selina Kyle fighting off some thugs
Blake and SWAT in gunfights against thugs in alleyway
prisoners with weapons breaking out of Blackgate
Batman taking out people during riots
Quick shot of the back of a woman wearing red clothes getting out of Tumbler with Bane mercs

Bane chant starts
Bane:"To conquer Gotham..."
Bane standing on Tumbler with his Tanooki fur jacket

Bane:...the demonic bat needs to succumb before me"
Batman standing on top of skyscraper

Bane chant grows louder
Full front shot of Bane looking down as he start to look at screen
Bane chant ends

Bruce Wayne wakes up from bed.

Bruce stretches, does some push ups before he gets breakfast from Alfred.

He looks down while doing his push ups and sees why his crotch is hurting.


ahhh this sounds fun! I don't have any dvd ripping software either. But maybe I give it a shot anyway
shot of young bruce in the cave with the bats in his face

"they told me there was nothing to fear"

the shot of young bruce inthe street with dead parents
" but the night my parents were murdered, i caught a glimpse of somthing"

shot of scary batman when crane has the gas sprayed over him and sees demon batman
"somthing terrifying"

the batarang shot where he throws it at the wall
"but as a symbol i can be ever lasting...."

shot with bruce talking to rachel and the dialogue is still intact
"it's not who i am undernieth its what i do that defines me"

heath ledger shot

"your not one of them, even if you'd like to be, when the chips are down, these civilised people, tehy'll eat each other"

"you pushed them to the point of desperation, you hammered them. So they turned to man they didn't fully understand"

joker turns round with laughter soundtrack

ras al ghul
every time a civilisation reaches the pinacle of its decadance we tear it back down again"

shot of bats in the ruble with the voice over

"batman has no limits - they,ve crossed the line -

"and this darkness rises

"the night is darkest just before the dawn, and i promice you the dawn is coming.

the hum of a vtol engine rising in pitch
did batman save you daddy? no this time i saved him

engine getting louder then WHOOOSH the batwing rises flies up and over our heads.

"this is the intrument of your liberation!

dun dun dun dun dun the dark knight rises

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