'The Creeper' movie?


Feb 2, 2006
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The title says all... what would you think about a Creeper movie?
no thanks. i like him,but i dont think he's a big enough character to hold his own movie
Oh my... I'm starting to hate that "not big enough character" talk. Was The Mask a big character? I don't think so, right? I mean it would make a great macabre, horror-thriller, comic book movie.
No, but the movie was more of just a comedy to people than a comic character. The creeper would just be that, it wouldnt really be a comic book movie, it would be turned into a silly comedy IMO. Plus theres other characters id rather see before crepper
Movies based on comic books don't have to be "comic book movies." You know, the comics are basically fantasy, action, thriller, comedy or heroic stories so while a Superman movie would be mainly a science-fiction movie, Batman goes more into the thriller, noir, action direction, with some fantasy and horror elements. I'd like to see a macabre 'Creeper' movie.
I dont even think he's that intresting to have his own movie. He'd be better off in a batman movie, but not a solo movie
I like him as character and personally I couldn't really imagine him in a Batman movie.
he just seems like a character who would really only be in a cameo or something, nothing big, but hey if they want to make a creeper movie, im obviously gonna see it
i'd rather see a tv series.
Yeah. I have an easier time seeing a potential television series with The Creeper than I could a live action film (which would no doubt be on a very 'modest budget') with him as the main character.
If they did make a movie, I don't see it being much better than Scifi channel Saturday night. but then again, that Man Thing movie was alright. Is that on DVD yet? I'm going to find out.
The thing about The Creeper is that, without a tie to The Joker...he's usually fairly boring. His whole shtick kind of depends on The Joker's presence/connection/influence.
I started thinking this movie would be bad idea, but now I think a Creeper movie could work but only in a certain way.

If you made it more about cops trying to take down the mob as well as a vigilante thats taking them out. The "underground" blames the Creeper who would be more like an urban legend who ends up being real. It could have a lot of horror elements to it with a Dark City-esque setting.
Sam rockwell or johhny Knoxville for the creeper and yes I would go see this film.
I was reading up on the character only his animated counterpart's origins has ties with the joker, but his comic has to do with the mob and and scientist of soome srts.
Right. Which is lame. He's only really interesting when The Joker is involved and their similarities are explored.
i think he's a little too similar to the joker. the creepy smile and laugh, the green hair etc
^^^Resembles the Green Goblin a lot to me but I'm just being nit picky
Yeah , the yellow skin, striped speedo, and giant red boa, are so just like the joker.
i think he's a little too similar to the joker. the creepy smile and laugh, the green hair etc
you really didnt read what i said

i said hes too similar, i didnt say he was an exact copy:whatever:

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