THE DARKNESS developer says 'PS3 and X360 near impossible to tell apart'...


May 1, 2003
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A nice article on upcoming game 'The Darkness' with a few good quotes like this...

The PS3 will have a content size advantage with Blu-Ray and a CPU advantage for titles that are able to utilize a lot of the SPUs. The Xbox360 has a slight GPU advantage and its general purpose triple-core CPU is relatively easy to utilize compared to SPUs. I expect that it will be near impossible to tell Xbox 360 and PS3 screenshots apart.

Like I have been saying all along they can beat each other at certain things but are both almost the same as whole functioning consoles.

There will be no huge PS2 vs Xbox leap in graphics between the two this time.
Yeah, the developers all seem to be saying the same thing on this topic. I guess the Wii is the largest power difference within any console generation ever.

It's only a Wii-bit more powerful than the Gamecube. :(
PS3 fanboys wi-eally got TEH PWNED :up: (where's Lizard btw?)
Its so painfull but its still Wiily funny :up: :(
Eh, people said the smae **** about this, well i guess last now, generations of consoles, that they all beat out each other in certain aspects and blah blah.
In the end it never really made much of a difference.
Xbox was still the nicest looking whilst the ps2 was the crappiest.
Don't bet on that for this gen one way or another.

Anyway can we stop the Wii jokes please. :(
Wii will get banned for all this eventually :(
Wii jokes aside, I'm starting to believe the rumors of the Sony Microsoft merge.
Zenien said:
Anyway can we stop the Wii jokes please. :(

It's one of those jokes that never seem to get old. No, wiialy. :D :up:
Zenien said:
Don't bet on that for this gen one way or another.

Anyway can we stop the Wii jokes please. :(
Wii can not stop the jokes. Wii are sorry.
Well I know I said I wasn't going to post like a Sony fan boy and i'm not this is actual fact that I want to bring to peoples attention. Starbreeze said in the Darkness article that I got from my Game Informer or whatever they stated this and said that the two look equal as of right now however they think it might changed when it hits summer time because thats when they get the final hardware for the PS3. Again not a fan boy comment just bringing it to people's attention.

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