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The DC characters REDESIGN thread

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Jul 19, 2003
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Ok so I figured I'd start a new thread for all the non Batman or Superman related characters that I wanted to take a crack at redesigning. Crimson Dynamo inspired me to try my hand at retooling The Flash ever since he posted his redesign. I didn't want to clutter his thread with my artwork so I thought I'd kick off this thread with my Flash redesign.

This is a loose pen sketch with some notes I just did. The pose is still way off and his hands aren't quite right but again, it gives you an idea for my concept. I hope you guys can read the notes I wrote...it'll better explain my ideas for the costume.

Anyway, here he is...ENJOY!

Here was an idea I had for how he would lok when the face shield was flipped upward. The idea for the face shield is that he would be able to flip it down when in motion so it would protect his face against the extreme G forces he would generate moving at such high speeds. Once stopped, the shield could be flipped upward to reveal his face (no mask underneath the shield). The shield would be a one way reflective tint material (similar to Spider-Man's eye lenses only darker). I'm not sure if the shield would be dark red or black in color.

Thanks, I'll fix him and color him when I get some time. I have a cool idea for the color scheme on his suit....and YES those are short sleeves on his suit. The suit is meant to resemble something an actual runner would wear...tight, colorful (so people can see him coming...sort of) and of course extra emphasis on his footwear.

I also gave the "wings" on the side of his head a purpose. I made them wide ranged radio receivers that are capable of catching radio signals while under g forces, or even from extreme distances....basically they're "super" antennas that keep him in constant contact with the JL or whoever is on the other end, and since he can be half way around the world in the blink of an eye they need to be able to pick up signals ANYWHERE in the world.

Make sense?
looks like Ryan Reynolds...i heard he may be playing wally in a flash movie after deadpool!
Cool design :up:

Is this an open redesign thread or just yours?
I was just brainstorming some redesigns yesterday, also inspired by CD. :)
I encourage everyone else to post their own DC character redesigns in this thread...it's not just about me and my ideas.

Nightwing will be done and put in the BATMAN redesign thread
Oooh! I'm gonna participate!

Who shall I do...I'm thinking Robin and Cyborg...
i'll definitly participate. im gettin started now.
Interesting thread. I'm working on stuff.

Cool Flash. You've taken a very real-world approach with him. The ear-piece radio is a very good idea.
I'm sure a Flash fan would take issue with a lot of your design considerations (isn't he protected by some kind of speed-field when he runs, which helps protect his face and body from damage?), but I prefer my superheroes to be firmly grounded in reality.
I'm kinda incapiated in the artness for a few days...I burned my right hand pretty bad at work and it's all blistrered up...so I can't hold a pen. Or a pencil. Or a mouse. And I'm typin' hunt an' peck style.
and so to balance out that, i went fer sumpin' different with batgirl
Eh. Design is alright, but I think the porportions are a bit off. Her legs are kinda screwy. They don't flow well at all. What'd you color it with?

from "anonomous"
Hmmm I wonder who that's from....

Looks good, but it definitely needs the bat on the chest, it just looks off without it. The mask still looks a bit too Wolverine like for me.

I like the belt a lot.
That looks like pure Coolius to me!

Nice Flash design dude!
i havent done any major re-designs, just a few tweeks and twists for my personal version of the characters


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