The debate over everything about the WW movie


Jan 9, 2005
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What are your opinions fellas, based on what information that has been thrown around and disseminated about the upcoming Wonder Woman movie?

Do you thing it would be a success in the box office?

Or will it wind up going the way of all other failed superheroine movies?

What are your thoughts concerning what is known about how Joss Whedon intends to tackle this project?

What are your own concepts of how this movie should be done, if you were the screenwriter or the director?
It's far to early to even judge that, considering Whedon has sent in the script but hasn't even found the actress he wants nor has filming began. Just becuase all the other superheroine films haven't done as well, doesn't necessarily mean this one won't either. Serinity was a great film by Whedon, the had everything most people enjoy which action and comedy. Wonder Woman sounds to be a little more serious since it'll mostly be about her coming into our world.

As of now, the whole concept of him creating his own villains is a bit off. Her rouges gallery isn't the best to him, but she's gone up against some worthy oppents, such as Dr. Psycho, Giganta, or even Aries. Based on what he said it'll be, his villain has something do to with a Greek mythology backround. And like I said, it's way to early to judge cause it may very well be better than we all thought. I'm being optimistic about it, and I still feel like he could've used someone from the comics. But in this case, it may not seem like the brightest idea to some people. I honestly won't even base my opinion on it from what we've seen or heard. I'll wait till I actually see it for myself to decide, though he seems to be on the right track.

If I were Whedon or any other director, I would most likely have her go against Dr. Psycho or someone like Giganta. But first explain who the character is so the audience knows and what she's about, along with where she came from.
Woo Hoo! First one to vote. OK, it's over.
In truth, there is not enough information about this film and it's content to say for sure, but based on the trend of comicbook super heoine films that have come out over the years, I would dare to say that it may not do well at the boxoffice (BO). There is a piece by T. L. Stanley in the December 12, 2005 issue of Advertising Age (Vol. 76 Issue 50, p3-33, 2p, 1 graph, 3c) titled "Super Heroines Fly into Glass Ceiling" (ISSN: 0001-8899) that I suggest everyone read. The article states that women warriors do not draw big crowds at the BO and the ones that have shown success are the ones with an ensemble cast (or in groups) like the "Alien", "Charlies Angels", or "X-Men" franchises. If "Wonder Woman" is done as a single prima donna leading lady role film (not as an ensemble) there is no reason to believe that it will be a BO success based on this trend. I realize that the studio and the producers are being very careful with this film, but if they are to make it a blockbuster, they will need to heed the course of history or do something that is outside of the box to make it a success.

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