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The Eva Mendes/Roxanne Thread


Apr 30, 2003
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From the SHH mainpage:

Eva Mendes Joins Ghost Rider

Source: Robert February 4, 2005

Fox News reports that Will Smith's "Hitch" co-star Eva Mendes has just signed to play a role in writer/director Mark Steven Johnson's Ghost Rider. Nicolas Cage plays the title role in the Columbia Pictures comic book adaptation, with Wes Bentley playing baddie Blackheart.

The Marvel Comics property centers on a motorcyclist who makes a pact with dark forces, gets double-crossed and battles the bad guys to protect the woman (Mendes perhaps?) he loves.

The movie is being produced by Michael De Luca, Avi Arad, Gary Foster and Ari Arad. Johnson rewrote a Shane Salerno script. Shooting begins this month in Australia.
nooo look at that big ugly mole why coudlnt they pick a hotter girl she looks like a witch
Eva Mendes is a total babe. She ranks high on my personal top 10 list.
Seen the trailer to hitch , mmm mmm mmm Eva in a wetsuit.
AmerikazMostWanted said:
nooo look at that big ugly mole why coudlnt they pick a hotter girl she looks like a witch

I never found Eva Mendes that hot :o

JUst hopes she up for the role of Roxanne, because she doesn´t like nothing that the character.
tall glass of hotty-hot sauce :up:

I think she too well known not to get the part of Roxanne. She doesn't seem like she'd have good chemistry with Cage, though.
I don't like this casting choice at all.

She may be nice to look at, but I've never been impressed with anything I've seen her in. There are plenty other attractive actresses with more talent they could have chosen. This disappoints me even though I don't know what role she's up for.
Is anyone else bothered with these cast choices Marvel comes up with?
AmerikazMostWanted said:
nooo look at that big ugly mole why coudlnt they pick a hotter girl she looks like a witch

Wow, you must be mentally insane. :up:

Anyway, I would sure tap that ass from here to Antartica. :up::up:
Not a big deal but Hollywood Reporter just put up an article on Mendes joining the cast and confirms she will play Blaze's love interest (which was Roxanne Simpson in the comics).


"Eva Mendes, who stars in the upcoming Columbia Pictures production "Hitch," is reuniting with the studio for "Ghost Rider," an adaptation of the Marvel Comics comic book. Mendes will play opposite Nicolas Cage, who stars as the title character, a former motorcycle stuntman who agrees to let his body become host to a vengeful spirit -- becoming a bike-riding demon in the process -- to secure the safety of his true love (Mendes). Mark Steven Johnson is directing. Shane Salerno wrote the original draft of the Columbia project. Marvel Entertainment's Avi Arad and Crystal Sky's Steven Paul are producing the project with Johnson's producing partner Gary Foster and Michael De Luca. Matt Tolmach, the studio's co-president of production, is overseeing the project. CAA-repped Mendes appeared in "Training Day." Other credits include "2 Fast 2 Furious," "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" and "Out of Time."
She has that "I'm a dirty hispanic prostitute who only goes out with guys in leather jackets" look about her, but her acting sucks. Oh well, she'll probably do decent in this particular film because the role won't be that much of a stretch.
She is SO fit, i cant believe there are people who dont find her attractive
Eva -

The only good film Nicholas Cage ever did was Con Air , Anyway Eva is a gr8! choice for this film , a) hottness b)good acting. WTF all the bums saying shes not right for the part , who the **** is the person shes playing , noone even cares.

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