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Discussion in 'Superman Sequels' started by Rorschach2012, Sep 3, 2014.

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    This! When it was first speculated/rumoured that DoS might be the storyline I kept telling myself they wouldn't be so stupid as to waste it so early on. I couldn't believe it when they actually did it! I liked actually liked BvS, but :wall: :wall: :wall:
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    Then I would rather they have Supergirl show up in the solo
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    Yeah I would like that too. I think it's time
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    My thoughts are something along these lines - for a genuine 3 movie arc:

    Superman: Man of Tomorrow
    Villains: Braniac, Intergang

    • Intergang begins flooding the world with alien-technology enhanced weaponry.
    • Montages of Superman taking out 'enhanced' street thugs.
    • Superman and Lois begin investigating Intergang. Discover that it is an criminal organisation which has been contacted by an intergalactic being known as Braniac. Braniac has infected every computer system on Earth, and is searching for a Kryptonian that attacked his ship and stole the lost city of Kandor from his collection.
    • Clark and Lois go off the grid to find the Kryptonian before Braniac (this is especially cool as Braniac and Intergang can monitor them using any computer technology, so they have to do it old-school.
    • Clark and Lois find Kara Zor-El and discover her backstory. She believes the Kryptonian race is preserved in Kandor and seeks to set them free.
    • Braniac contacts Clark and Kara and tells them to surrender or he will disable all computer networks in the world - Braniac does this.
    • Braniac then assumes a humanoid form and comes for Kandor personally.
    • Fight ensures between Braniac, Superman, Supergirl and "Braniac-bots".
    • Braniac says he has no interest in Earth and will leave if his collection is returned - he asks for Kandor and one Kryptonian to complete his collection or he will detonate every nuclear weapon on the planet.
    • Superman sacrifices himself and is imprisoned by Braniac.

    Superman: War World
    Villains: Lobo, Mongul, Intergang

    • Tells two intercut stories - one focusing on Superman, one focusing on Supergirl
    • Braniac's ship is attacked by Lobo.
    • Lobo takes many items from Braniac's collection - including Kal-El and Kandor.
    • Upon learning what he has stolen, Lobo frees Kal-El from Kandor and takes him to the planet War World – a post-apocalyptic, enslaved world run by the tyrant Mongul.
    • Kal-El must fight to keep himself alive on the planet. However, Kal-El refuses to kill. For his insubordination, Kal-El is sentenced to death through a fight with Mongul himself.
    • Kal-El defeats Mongul, but grants him mercy – merely placing the tyrant within his own prison. Kal-El frees the other slaves and attempts to get back to Braniac's ship – his only way home.
    • Lobo is not so willing to give up his prize, however, and Superman must play a game of cat-and-mouse with the mercenary in order to find his way home.
    • Upon reaching Braniac's ship, Superman finds himself inexplicably speeding through space.

    • Supergirl has become the primary protector of Metropolis, fighting Intergang. Lois Lane is working with Supergirl in order to bring down Intergang. She believes that the alien technology they acquired from Braniac could be turned against him and used to steal his ship and rescue Clark.
    • Scoring an early victory against Intergang, Lois and Kara manage to intercept a large amount of Intergang technology, giving them the material they believe they need to take control of Braniac's ship.
    • Their victory prompts the exposure and intervention of Intergang head Bruno Mannheim who, decked out in Intergang tech, begins to hunt Lois and Supergirl to prevent them from using the technology.
    • Unable to do anything with the technology themselves, the two seek out the only other person on Earth known to have properly used alien technology before – Lex Luthor.
    • Offering him a chance of redemption – Luthor decides to help Lois and Supergirl reconfigure the Intergang technology to take control Braniac's ship and to fashion weapons capable of defeating Mannheim and Intergang.
    • After defeating Mannheim, Braniac's ship is recalled and Clark emerges and is reunited with Lois.
    • In the final scene, we see a shadowy board meeting of Intergang discussing plans"the new boss".

    Superman and the Elite
    Villains: The Elite

    • Superman and Supergirl are working together to eradicate Intergang and are seemingly succeeding.
    • Lex Luthor is back in the public spotlight and has - inexplicably and to the public anger of Superman - received a full presidential pardon for his previous crimes. He is running a number of business and charitable organisations all targeted at "making things right".
    • A group of super-powered people, calling themselves The Elite, arrive in Metropolis and begin assisting - violently - with cleaning up Intergang.
    • Superman is disturbed by their methods and confronts them.
    • Manchester Black, the leader of the Elite, broadcasts a message to the world saying that governments and superheroes have let the world down and that those who commit wrongs should be violently brought to account.
    • Lois Lane stumbles upon a story that links Intergang to world leaders - including the president of the United States. Her and Clark struggle with the potential repercussions of running the story - but Lois decides that the public deserves to know the truth and prints it in the Daily Planet.
    • The world erupts in fury and Intergang takes full advantage of it, pledging to kill each of the world leaders involved in the Intergang plot.
    • Superman and Supergirl go around the world attempting to protect the world leaders from the Elite.
    • Eventually, the White House is attacked and Superman and Supergirl fail to protect the President and his administration. The Government of the United States is killed, and the Elite assume control.
    • The Elite then set about targeting other known super-powered being in the United States, including Superman and Supergirl (cameos by WW, Aquaman, Flash, etc.).
    • Lex Luthor contacts Superman and offers him assistance in bringing the Elite down, using Intergang technology. Luthor believes that the Elite have not received their powers naturally, but using the same alien technology used by Intergang. He fashions machines which can be used to rid them of their superpowers.
    • The Elite are defeated, stripped of their powers and sent to prison.

    One year later...
    • Lois Lane receives an anonymous tip that the Elite were created and given their superpowers by Intergang.
    • A presidential election is being held, Lex Luthor has nominated as an independent candidate and is currently leading the vote.
    • Superman stops by Luthor's office. Luthor says its good to have Superman's trust. Superman says he doesn't trust him and will be watching him. Cut outside to a group of civilians chanting Lex's name, carrying signs saying "Lex for President" and "Lex: Stopping the Supers" etc.

    Flashback to the end of the previous movie...
    We see a shadowy board meeting of Intergang discussing plans with "the new boss". A hand pushes a document titled "Project Elite" out onto the table. Lex Luthor emerges from the shadows.

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