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Sep 27, 2003
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Just to tease you all...

very cool banner FH...cant wait to see what develops...
The igniting soon idea was Scotts; very brilliant. It works so very well. The banner was designed by my very talented Girlfriend.

As for what this is about... you'll just have to wait and see.

AmerikazMostWanted said:
what channel

LOL. That's hilarious.
August 4, 2005... One year before the movie... it will ignite.
The farts of dead cats will erupt on August 4th!

I like the word fart... but not dead cats.

6 days and counting...
Looking forward to the new site. Now for what seems to be an obvous question. Since the new thing to do for upcoming movies is for the directors to keep fans updated on a regular basis with video journals ,IE and , does anyone think MSJ will do the same for Ghost rider??? For me, i think he should team up with a fan site like yours FlameHead. THAT WOULD ROCK!!!
That idea would work much better with the Ghost Rider Movie website; Internapse Ghost Rider (which is down right now) but it would be awesome if he teamed up with us on the Network! Now that woudl be perfect.

It's too bad we didn't get any video journals and such... buch he does, from time to time, speak directly to us here on the hype. That's exciting.

Something for the Network would be perfect though. Just Perfect.
It certainly would be mind popping to get some official releases for the Network...

3 days folks... 3 days.
Hey FH, why don't you update your avatar with the black shifting marvel logo of the CC footage instead of the classic red?:)
Becaue I'm not a fan of the new one... and really love that one. It's from the series that that got me into the Character.
Err, i was talking about the MARVEL logo, with shifting comics image. In the footage it's black. And very cool/fitting with the character. Obviously you 'ol good flamin' is the best GR logo :)
Ooooh. Now I gotcha. If HR has the footage to use, I may get him to do that for me. I'm not saavy in the ways of avatar makin'...
I really like the black marvel logo... but there's isn't enough of a flameburst before going into the GR logo. Plus, as you say, it's too big. Damn. Looks good though. Maybe if you took off a few more frames of the GR logo as it is there a little long. Would that work?

What software are you using for the gif animating?

2 days... we set it afire.
MM, try to cut away much of the frames where the logo is more covered, that should took away almost 1/6 second. It doesn't matter if there's some frameskip, as the animation covers it. If that is not enough, cut away the final zooming part.
Err i was talking about the black marvel one.^^;
You can cut away when the biggest black stripes almost cover it(because it's a waste of frame in a little avatar economy^^), and if it is not enough, you can cut the final part, before it shrinks back a little then zooms out(since the one FH uses now doesn't shrinks/zooms anyway). I think then you should have some space to put on some more flame, like the one FH has.
You don't have to mess around with that for me MM. I'm sure you have much more to be doing than worrying about a silly little avatar for little ol' me.
Thanks a bunch for makin' that MM. The Black looks great... but I also like the read in the one I have now... so hard to decide.

I'll just save it and use it later on. Thanks a bunch!

So, MM. Excited about this lauch?

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