The heroes of flight 93...

I am because the movie will show us how the people on that plane were heroes, so IN YOUR FACE TSOG!
jaguarr said:
I really think it's too damned soon to release a film about this. I have a lot of friends and family in NYC. NONE of them are happy about this film in any way shape or form. The wounds around this, even after four years, are still too fresh. It just strikes me as opportunistic and callous.


What about Michael Moore's movie, Farhenheit 9/11, that came out less than two years after the attacks.
PyroProductions said:
What about Michael Moore's movie, Farhenheit 9/11, that came out less than two years after the attacks.

I'm by no means a fan of Bush, but Moore's often too heavy-handed (and fairly lacking in convincing evidence) in his filmmaking. And, yes, I consider that film to be callous and opportunistic as well, in the grand scheme of things. I don't think people really understand how raw 9/11 left many New Yorkers.

FlameHead said:
I may go see it but I am definatly against it. There is no need for people to be making money off of this tragic day unless of course all the money taken in is given to the families of 911.

As for conspiracy theories, I'm one of those who believe the plane never went down in the first place. It wasn't shot down, it didn't crash. In fact, the only two planes that were destroyed that day were the ones hitting the Twin Towers (which were then blown up from the inside and taken down like demo team would).

BTW, I know this is a touchy subject and this is only my belief, which is something that many share...

After watching "Loose Change" ( I believe more that that attacks that day was an inside job. It was not Osama, Saddam or any other terrorits besides American Government officials pulled off to give absolute reason for war. After all, Bush (The worst president in history) has been able to do whatever he wanted to since just by saying the words 'Terror', 'Fear', '911'.

It all adds up.

This guy speaks the truth. Loose Change is the best documentary in years.
United 93 was shot down by a General who didn't get the memo to not shoot down the planes. Dick Cheney had virtually all control of homeland defense that day, but somehow his message wasn't fully received. Thank God, I say. If 93 would've struck the capital like they wanted it to, we would now be living in a state governed by the military. It was all part of one of Dick Cheney's original plan outlined in "The New American Century" where he goes on to explain that the government needs a "Pearl Harbor like event" to get the government into total control over the state. But Dick Cheney is just one player in the whole chess board. Osama is a pawn, "fire starter."

This movie is pretty much deception. Who knew enough about the events on the plane to justify a 2 hr movie? And why not present the eye witness reports about what happened to the plane instead of the garbage that is the "official report." We are slowly but surely being taken over by our own government but are too blind to see it.

"Those that would sacrifice freedom for security will find that they inherit neither." - Benjamin Franklin
There was no plane. Take a look at the crash site pictures compared to others, and make the decision for yourself.




Compared to typical crash sites:




Notice that in a typical crash site there are numerous parts of the plane that still remain, even though it has crashed....Tail sections, wings, cockpit, seats, etc.

Yet in the crash site of Flight 93, none of this is found. Only a few small craters. Hmm?
The thing is, with most crash sites, the plane falls out of the sky. With 93, it was flwon into the ground. I'd think that would have a good deal more force.
Vaporize? Doubtful. Reduce into lots of little chunks? More likely.
The Question said:
Vaporize? Doubtful. Reduce into lots of little chunks? More likely.

Okay, but not a single drop of blood?

Little chunks = objects that could fit in your hand? I just can't agree with it.
I saw United 93 about an hour ago. It's probably the best film you could make about the events. It's as close as possible to a documentary, a recreation of what MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE HAPPENED. It avoids politics completely, it just tells you about the people. The hijackers are even humanised. It's not gung-ho and it's not Old Glory waving.

The one problem is that the film tells us the passengers defeated two of the hijackers and got into the cockpit, while all evidence suggests this didn't happen. That would make for an unbearable ending - but that's how the film should have ended.

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