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The Dark Knight The Joker Cell Phone Madness of March 30

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Dec 7, 2007
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I'm not sure if i should tell anyone, but they said only 17 people are still in and we were assigned a letter. PM me if you have a phone too and want to discuss our letter assignements.
Greetings all,

I picked up the Joker's phone in a cake in Boston some time ago. There were a series of text messages late last week to expect some action, and today it arrived.

The Joker's phone finally did ring. I was informed I was one of seventeen clowns remaining (presumably having responded positively to the text messages of last week). My mission is simple: My 'secret' letter is E as in elephant, and I was told that I needed to tell the other clowns this fact.

I'm the first to admit I have no clue what to do with that piece of information ... I'm hoping that by posting, and perhaps getting some other clowns to post, we can figure it out.
So it's a secret mission just for the Cell-Clowns?

God, I hope the name "Cell-Clowns" catches on. Tired of just seeing "people who got cell phones". Brevity, people. Brevity.
maybe if you put all the letters together it spells out the new site or something.
the letters could have to do with deciphering the hahaha times
The person on the line was a male, with a real thug voice. He said/asked if i was ready. Then told me 17 were remaining and that we'd each be assigned a letter. He then gave me my letter.

Sorry if this sounds razzled, I'm at work now and kinda freaked when the phone went off and had to sneak away real quick.
so it was a recording though, right? not a real person
How are you guys supposed to communicate exactly? I mean, not everybody is on SHH.
As call of duty 4 (marines) would say..."lets do this" :)
ok, the guy in the cell phone thread just said his letter was E as in elephant and he was supposed to tell people
Yup, me too ... the phone from Boston. I don't mind posting that my letter was E (as in elephant, as the man on the phone said). I think we are going put all the letters somehow to use them, so I doubt keeping them secret is going to do us much good :D .
17 letters is a long address for a website
Yeah, does this have to be kept from the rest of us?

EDIT: wow, 4 posts between loading the page and typing my quick reply. :p
well theres an awful lot about elephants in the gotham times and the hahaha times, maybe thats significant
Hm. I'd like to know why my post was deleted when this was merged.

Anyway. The guy on the line said something about "sharing" with "accomplices." I couldn't catch it exactly, as I was in a busy hotel lobby at the time. Any other Bat-Phoners catch a more specific message?
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