Batman Begins The Joker in Batman Begins!?!?

Mr. Socko

Mar 27, 2005
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Sorry for the dp but I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum at first.

but here's what I posted:

The screen is hard to see because of the fear gas everywhere but....

If you pause the movie at exactly 1 hour, 59 minutes, and 21 seconds, there is a shot of a gang of criminals. Now if you look to the very far left you'll see the guy at the end has dark green hair, very white skin, and he's wearing a purple jacket and orange pants. If you don't believe me pause the movie at 1:59:21. Now tell me, am I just seeing things or is this The Joker?
No I have watched the movie million time so I highly doubt it
It's not the pants, yes......but I see no green and no white.......whew.....must be some good weed buddy.
yes...wait, you're not suspose to know that

Everyone don't reply to this, it can be locked. Just ignore this thread
I'm not even gonna waste the time to go check..

You idiot, first off, I said to ignore this thread because it's already posted somewhere else. Secondly, if you're going to post, why post something so useless...

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