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the look of ELECTRO


Sep 27, 2005
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If ELECTRO is going to be in SPIDERMAN 3, which Electro do you want?


Spiderman MTV:

Ultimate Spiderman:

Or some generic safe black costume Electro as in X-Men movies

I prefer the goofy-looking classic style. Sam Raimi could pull it off...
A cross between this:

and this:
Actually, I prefer the blue costume from around the time of the Reboot (and the arc where Venom was getting his revenge on the Sinister Six for turning on him). For the movie, Raimi should go with a black leather suit like the Ultimate Electro one, but if he took a hint from Brian Singer over in the X-Men films and peppered the suit with some silver/dark blue lightning-patterned piping, it could and *would* look badass. The classic costume makes Electro look like some over-the-top nutjob, which he frankly doesn't need anymore of.
Perfect. :up: But the colors are too bright... Replace the green with black leather and the yellow lightning patterns with silver or dark blue piping and we have our man.
liesse00 said:
I took the accessories off.

Someone should do some manips with this shot. I like the costume this way. Make the green darker, or maybe black. I like the yellow electricity, bu it would look good as blue, too.
I wanna see the Black leather look but not like a uniform kindal like a street biker look then have lightnig out of his eyes make him look like a cross between classic and mtv but no mtv hair.

Liesse your avatar is really funky. Especially when your listening to techno song it went along perfectly with the beat trippy.
ultimate electro
because he had the best costume
then when he charged up he looked like a human lightning bolt
here is a pic of what i wanted electro to look like from the fan art thread
I'd rather they try and do something new but that harkens back to his original look.

Maxwell Dillon was a professional electrician, right? Right. So, have his on-the-job uniform be something green, but not glaringly green, with yellow lightning bolt marks on it.
I hear Electro will be so powerful in controlling electro magnetic radiation, he'll render himself invisible for the entire film.
Invisible, mute, intangible and powerless, right? :)
I think the green of Electro's suit should be the same costume as the armour that the Green Goblin wore in SM-1. The yellow could be visible power conduits criss-crossing over the suit, which shows the charge in electrical power by lighting up yellow whenever Topher is powering up or ready to strike. No mask, please. Instead of yellow gloves, have metal and wire covering Tophers forearms which would obviously be used to send out the electrical strikes.
I've seen that the suit he's wearing. hm maybe Electro could steal a spare suit from oscorp.
I want 616 Dillon in this suit: I am very fond of it.


.... but I will take him almost any way I can get him, including the star-mask. Any way except in that craptastic Mackie-era blue & white thing. That was awful.

I wish so much we could get Electro onscreen, I'd love to see him so much. :(
im not saying this as a person who hates electro's design (even though i do) but you cannot put that costume on in real life and be taken seriously. its the same reason hugh jackman isnt wearing the wolverine mask.
I hate the 616 design, however the Ultimate Electro look is good.

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