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The Lucius Fox thread

Lucius Fox Jr (ala Batman Beyond), an ex military equipment expert, for the next nolanverse Batman (Robin Blake) solo movie.

yeahhhh I said it. ;)
get Sidney Poitier to play him in the Superman/Batman movie.
I want Lennie James for Lucius Fox:


Or Denzel Washington:

I want him to be the equivalent to Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars movies. :o JK I don't want him in the movies at all unless he is very different from the way he was portrayed in the TDK trilogy.
I want BatBen to make his own gadgets but Lucius could act as just running Wayne Enterprises. I think Ron Glass would be awesome as Lucius.
I think Lucius was a new but great adition to the Batman Mythos, he may not be as old but fans at the time probably had a negative reaction to Alfred and Robin when they first became part of Bruce's quest. He may not have been unique to the movies but they did increase his involvement.

I like Lucius as somebody Bruce trusts and who can manage and help with the gadgets, as well as take care of the company.
Clarke Peters (The Wire, Treme, Persons Of Interest)

Idris Elba anyone?

Idris Elba would be wasted as Fox. Jon Stewart is the DC role he should play.

I wouldn't mind seeing Fox again, but in a much smaller role than in the Nolan films. Then again, the only reason why he had as large a role as he did was because he was played by Morgan Freeman.
if they go the Earth One route, it would be cool to get a younger Lucius in the film closer to Bruce's age

Mos Def would be awesome


Morgan Freeman was perfect, but to help differentiate this series from Nolan's going forward, I like the idea of a slightly younger Lucius Fox.

So, my vote would be Courtney B. Vance:

Courtney B Vance is actually perfect as Lucius Fox
I don't think Fox is needed in this version of Batman universe, or at least not to the extent he was used in TDKT. And given how important his role was in TDKT, I don't expect him to appear in this version.
Jeffrey Wright would and could actually prove to be an interesting casting choice as far as Lucius Fox pulling off a Morgan Freeman like performance to Ben Affleck's Batman
if it were suicide squad-style, there can be only 1 lucious fox



Danny glover, no substitutes.

How about none? Having Luscious Fox in there serves to diminish Bruce's capacity as the Bat-God. Not to mention taking time away from other characters. Give Fox rest for a while.
As I already said, I am pretty sure there won't be Lucius Fox this time around, other than a blink and you missed it appearance, and possibly not even that.
Fox doesn't have to be portrayed as Batman's armorer. He could simply run the day to day operations of Wayne Enterprises like in the comics.

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