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Captain Planet!

The Power Is Yours
Jan 27, 2007
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"This summer... To save the world... It takes balls"

"He has two... Earth's survival relies on 7"

"Dragonball... No Z"
"The Fate Of The World Lies In Their Hands"

I really like the "To save the world... It takes balls" ones. Something Stephen Chow would like. :p
The Search Begins 8-15-08

I like the tagline from the first promo manip in the fanart thread, too.

All You Need Is Seven
to save the'll need to find some balls
"To save the universe... We must get to the balls before Piccolo"

"Hide your balls, Piccolo's coming to grab them"

"This summer, Drag on your balls"

"Sorry, all the balls jokes are used up"

"We swear Vegeta will be in the sequel"
Yeah.. those aren't even remotely funny. :(
It Began With One

Maybe with Goku holding the four-star ball.
I could see in the trailer something like "the fate of the world lies in the hands of... Goku" and then a shot of him doing something stupid xD.

I like that "all you need is 7" thing for the posters tho.
"With great power comes great responsability"

" 7 balls to rule them all"

Just kidding, I Suggest:

"This august, the search begin..."

And the seven Dragon balls go diferent direcctions around the world.
A nice shot of everyone in the film and the tagline would be.

"They're coming ... we're ready"
the sequels tagline when they go to namek could be:

"we're gonna need some bigger balls"
What do dragons and balls have in common?

Find out 8-15-08
"The fate of the world rests in their balls..."

"They will have to search to the ends of the Earth...but they'll find all seven..."

"When one gathers all seven, the world is their's."
"Next summer, get some balls."

"To save the universe, all you need is 7 balls."

"The secret to immortality lies in the balls."

I'm really sorry, those were just awful.

EDIT- Gave me an idea.

"We're really sorry, this is awful."

"We're really sorry, this is going to be awful."
"A tournament that will decide the fate of the world..."

Sequel: "Are you hungry for more balls?"
this thread is hilarious.

I like the " it all began with one "

but instead of Goku holding the ball, maybe it can be just the 4 Star Dragonball or Gohan's hat with the 4star dragonball on it..

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