The mother of all plot holes:


Jul 26, 2004
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When Mystique was disguised as Senator Kelly's aide, HOW DID SHE PUT THE CELL PHONE IN HER JACKET POCKET!? The jacket is part of her skin, so she shouldn't have even been able to pull it open, let alone stick a cell phone in it-- not to mention that when she morphs back into her naked blue form, the phone seems to disappear completely.

I love the X-Men trilogy, but this has driven me nuts for years! :cmad:
If she morphs to have clothes...the clothes have pockets...thus she puts the phone into the pocket. When she morphs back to herself....the phone falls to the floor, she doesn't need the phone any she just lets it lay we don't see it or her reaching for it.
I have no idea where it goes. Maybe she redistributes the phone elsewhere? It's one of those things I tend to overlook... like how Professor Xavier manages to fit himself and his wheelchair in the back seat of a Mercedes Benz.

Edit: Or what C. Lee suggested.
I've mentioned this scene many a time, more because I found it amusing. It hardly qualifies as the mother of all plotholes though.
Alright, not "plot hole" then (too strong a word). "Logic leap" would be a bit better.
it makes you question alot about mystique forming clothing and accessories. what happened to the "claws" that wolverine sliced through? whered the mass come from to make storm's cape?

its best not think about it.:yay:
yea that was the stupid thing about the xmen movies, they change so many things about all the characters because it wasnt realistic like iceman turning to ice and people flying but then they have this blue skinned girl with the ability to create clothes out of thin air..
Biggest plot hole:

Where'd Storm's accent go in X2?

Hardly a 'plot hole' which is, by definition, a mistake crucial to the plot. Singer wanted her to drop the accent. Personally, I liked the accent in X1 - all that was needed was a dialect coach to continue it and refine it. But whiny fanboys complained about the accent so Singer decided she should lose it.
Yeah, because the teenage fanboys apparently knew more about African accents than everyone else working on the movie did.. :rolleyes:

Also, the official word on the dropping of the accent never had anything to do with the complaints of fanboys, though.

and this thing with Mystique, even if this was a big deal here, this is not what's called a plothole. I mean, what does a cell phone have anything to do with the story?


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