Sequels The next Wolverine film?

The key to the X-23 story working is casting an actress that has good chemistry with Hugh and the writers getting their scenes spot on, how Logan has to act as a surrogate father figure is something new except his scenes with Rogue in X1, but with X-23 the connection runs much deeper.
The Wolverine director James Mangold in negotiations to direct another movie for FOX, but not a Wolverine 3 just yet.

James Mangold Boarding Travis McGee Tale ‘The Deep Blue Good-By’

EXCLUSIVE: James Mangold is negotiating to direct The Deep Blue Good-By, the 1964 John D. MacDonald novel that kicked off series of mystery novels with character Travis McGee. This has long been eyed by Fox as the launch of a star-driven franchise based on the beach bum McGee, a forerunner of muscular solitary heroes like Jack Reacher and Spenser For Hire, helping (and romancing) damsels in distress as he kicks ass against the powerful.


Mangold, who is separately developing another Wolverine film and other projects of his own, takes a job that at one time or another had just about every top director in Hollywood mulling it.
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I don't think The Wolverine 2 will be released before 2017, so I guess there's nothing to worry about. :yay:
I wouldnt mind if they delay it for 2018.

or 2019 :D
I wouldnt mind if they delay it for 2018.

or 2019 :D

Honestly, this could take a long time. Anyway, its Fox, they are quite unpredictable.
What if it's The Lazarus Project or Enemy of the State?
I don't know if that confirms anything.

I think he just means that it won't be coming out before Apocalypse (because he hasn't started on the Wolverine yet).
I'd like it to be set in whatever new timeline X-Men is set in, not in those 2 missing years. That could be a comic or something.
Plus according to official timeline of films give to empire magazine It looks like they have retcon it so all of The Wolverine takes place In year 2013 except for flashbacks to 1945.

Plus If you make changes to timeline then you lose poential for jeapody for wolverine In film.
I've been wanting to see a movie about Logan hunting down a group of dudes that abduct and kill mutant children. That has the potential to be pretty dark and disturbing. There could even be room for well-known characters-- who knows? Dead kids tend to chip away at your soul, and Logan's struggle to hold onto his humanity is a key character trait. What if he fails to protect a specific kid and loses it, finally falling into a true berserker rage at the end? I dunno, I just feel like it could be thematically strong and character-driven. Depending on where it falls in his lifetime, this could be Logan at his lowest, using this case as a way to give himself some sort of purpose-- and when that fails, all hell breaks loose, and he loses himself.

I've always wanted a faithful Weapon X movie, but the next best thing is something that could be a spiritual lead-in to the self-destructive and fractured state of mind he has in that story.
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I'm really curious to see if this is an inbetweenqual or set after the future period of DOFP.
I think it will take place between the end of the wolverine and the post credit scene of the wolverine
They wouldn't have explicitly given an precise time-frame between the main plot and the post-credit scene if they didn't plan to follow up on that. I can't think of another movie that's done that. Plus, there's the matter of why Yukio was apparently no longer with Wolverine (she just declared herself his bodyguard not two minutes earlier and they seemed pretty close).
I think it would confuse people and its not like people go to theaters, with a timeline of all the X-Men movies.

Sure, a story what happened after TW and before DOFP would be interesting to watch, but is it really needed?

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