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The Nickelodeon Thread: Old School



Who remembers when Nickelodeon was good? Shows like "Are you Afraid of the Dark", The first seasons of "All That", "Pete and Pete", "Clarissa Explains it all", "Salute Your Shorts", "Rocko's Modern Life", "Ren and Stimpy", "AHH! Real Monsters", etc.

This is the thread for those awesome shows, because in the 90s "kids" shows really were alot better then they are now :up:
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Doug was THE BEST show on Nick, IMO. I lived for that show. I also watched Are You Afraid of the Dark, All That, Pete and Pete, Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Salute Your Shorts. Pretty much every show you mentioned Noir.
Dammit, k18 you beat me to it. Doug was by far the Best show. Loved Afraid of the dark too.

Rocko and Ren and Stimpy are second and third respectively compared to doug

Ahh real monsters was cool too. Gotta love Ickus
Does anyone remember Stick Stickly? It would be on during the summer and basically it's a stick who would introduce a marathon of shows and cartoons. He even had a catchy intro tune. I forgot how it went but it started with "I'm Stick Stickly". lol
Oh and there was a game show I would watch (I forgot the name of it) where the kid contestants would go into a video game and compete with each other for the best time. Nick was awesome during the 90s. Too bad they don't show any of these quality programs to kids anymore.
lol I need more ALLOWANCE! Oh wee oooh
Because I DO!
the tomorrow people and dangermouse
Kablam, Action League Now! was great.
"MELTMAN, with the power to... MELT!"
Dont forget The Secret World of Alex Mac, Secret Files of Shelby Woo, Allen the Alien, and ofcourse Animorphs, oh and Ghostwriter...wow Nick was soo good back then.
I remember The Secret world of alex Mack, and of course Pete and Pete. Was Double Dare on Nick?
Keenan and Kel was pretty funny. That's all I got.:applaud
I liked are you afraid of the dark?, doug and keenan and kel.I also liked all that. does any one rember all that?
i loved all that, but hated Round House... that show bothered me and seemed like a wierd Generation X sketch comedy show that was too old for me to really "get"
Meh. I forgot, I was like 4..
But on a side, I was Crazy for Swazy :up:
Keenan and Kel was pretty funny. That's all I got.:applaud

Oh Kel and his love for orange soda. Anyone remember that Goodburger skit from All That? They even made a movie out of it! I think I saw it in the theaters when it came out. lol
All That was great back then. Good Burger, the lactose intollerant Superdude, Repair Man-Man-Man-Man-man-man, Coach Kreeton, Principal Pimpell, Vital Information, Fatcop, Everyday French with Pierre Escargot, Detective Dan, just too many too mention. Those were the good days lol.

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