How Would You Improve Nickelodeon?


Mar 22, 2008
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This is a follow up, naturally to my post about ways to improve sister channel (under the Viacom umbrella) MTV. I think that anybody who grew up in the '80s and '90s like myself, will naturally have issues with the current state of Nickelodeon.

I don't have a lot of time to put forth my full feelings about the current situation. However, I'll say that my main concern with Nickelodeon right now, is the lack of creativity with their shows. For instance, I seriously doubt that stuff like "The Adventures of Pete & Pete", "Ren & Stimpy", or "Are You Afraid of the Dark" could easily get on the air today because they're too "unique".

It seems like most of the shows (particularly live-action) follow the same formula. Most of the schedule seems to be made up of stuff like "iCarly", "Drake & Josh", "Zoey 101", "The Naked Brothers Band" or any other tween, by-the-numbers sitcom of that ilk. There's already any game shows, sci-fi (a la "Space Cases", "The Tomorrow People", "The Secret World of Alex Mack"), "location" based shows (a la "Hey Dude" or "Salute Your Shorts"), sketch comedy (a la "You Can't Do That on Television", "All That", "Roundhouse", or "Welcome Freshmen"), foreign imports (a la "Special Delivery", "Count Duckula", "Danger Mouse", etc.), mystery shows (a la "The Secret Files of Shelby Woo" or "Are You Afraid of the Dark"). etc.

I wish that there was much more variety (and dare I say, risks) beyond the "tweencoms" (the Disney Channel as the same problem, but that's another story for another time) and "Spongebob SquarePants" reruns. Just like with Disney, I fear that Nick's main problem is that they like to play things safe once they for the time being, find a certain formula or trend that works.

Nick seems to want to follow what's currently hip and cool instead of leading the charge. The worst offender is that "TeeNick" program that replaced SNICK.
Nickelodeon's biggest problem is that it's trying to be MTV but with kid's shows instead of music videos. What they really need to do is, as you said, stop trying so damn hard to be cool and simply be cool again, because the fact is they had some of the best children's programming I've ever seen back in the day. Nothing they have now holds a candle to Pete & Pete, for instance. The last great show they had was Avatar, and I still hold that it should have had a fourth season. Not sure if that was the decision of the studio or the creators, though.
Avatar's three seasons was an act of the creators.
I agree on the Pete and Pete, and earlier shows. I watched them when I was young and they were more adult than your average kids show. Heck Pete and Pete had characters smoke(of course only in the teachers lounge).
The last really smart kid show on Nick was animorphs which was cancelled for being to scary. Which I think scared NIck in the process and changed there Network into a very childish direction.
The Nick now really needs to follow Cartoon Network now. With kids shows and older kid shows. at 8 have the more adult shows air like Carton Network has with Total drama island, the Clone wars, but still keep the shows that maintain a balance for everyone like Chowder.
I personally think that Avatar was the last smart show on Nick, but hey, different strokes.
I personally think that Avatar was the last smart show on Nick, but hey, different strokes.
I met old Nick. I really enjoyed Avatar, but it felt extreamly out of place on a network worth nothing nowadays.
I miss doug and are you afraid of the dark a lot. i do watch I carly. sometimes i watch drake and josh.
Have their programs start on time. I'm talking about the channel here in Australia. The Spectacular Spider-man have NEVER started on time once!!!:o

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