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The Official "Choke" thread


Jun 14, 2007
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Close it it there already is one, but I'm almost done with the Chuck Palahniuk book that i'm in love with, so here's a thread.

I'm kinda worried about it, judging by the clips it looks like they dont understand the tone of the book; instead of it being a darkly funny drama about salvation, it's a right ahead comedy that laughs at the things that the book advocated.

I haven't seen any clips yet, but I'm interested in seeing it. The book was really cool and unconventional, and I look forward to seeing the film adaptation.
I haven't read the book, but I saw this at Sundance with someone who had. And I guess the tone of the movie is alot lighter than the book. Also the ending of the movie bugged me a bit and is rather different than the book's as well.

But other than that I found it enjoyable. Sam Rockwell and Angelica Huston do very well. I wasn't as impressed by Kelly MacDonald as I was with her in No Country, but I'd have to see in again to tell if
what I didn't seem to like about her performance was tied to her only pretending to be the doctor

All in all it's pretty decent. But again, I haven't read the book at all.

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