The Official Give Chris R. Notarile a cameo in this film, thread.



For those of you who don't know him, he is probably the best "fan-film" directors/actors out there. You've probably seen him at NY Comic-con or in pictures as "The Blue Beetle guy." This is my thread saying that I really want him to have a cameo in this movie as Ted Kord/Blue Beetle, what do you think?



As long as he isn't playing Blue Beetle.
Not a big fan of fan movie actors playing major studio roles.
It could be only a cameo, like in ''Year One'', when Ted Kord created the Secret Santuary security system,
The guy he choose for The Question is good too.
wow. thanks guys. this is really nice of all of you. i hope WB and DC have an open ear.
I just did a photoshoot in NYC last week, I thought you all might get a kick out of some of the shots.





Chris, you are awesome! Blue Beetle (Ted Kord, to be clear) is one of my favorite characters! Do you have an official Booster Gold too?
How did you get into making a quality movie about blue beetle?
And you never would have, had the mysterious "Noir" not shown up to ahem...promote.

A cameo in what movie now?
He seems cool but If he's the real deal, then he should be at the real Comic Con in San Diego too.
Go look his stuff up on youtube! I'm telling you guys, he's what the blue beetle should be.
It might be just me for all I know. I'd like to think there are more of us out there, though.
whoa, i didnt know this thread was still going.

in response to what i can only tell is an implication that i am noir. i am not. i didnt know about this thread till someone linked me to it.

as for going to san diego comic con. i did, as blue beetle, back in 2006. if you were there, you probably saw me. would love to go again but like most filmmakers, i am poor.

again, i am flattered anyone would think highly enough of me to suggest i play a ted kord cameo in anything and i do hope to one day make that happen.

in response to me having an official booster. i do not have a booster. though i am looking. right now, im just flying solo and working on my suit BB suit. ill post pictures when i finish it.

thanks again for the support.
For those who never saw them, I suggest going to Chris website and see his fan-movies. They're not great art, he should really look out for a good DoP, but they're entertaining and you can really feel his love for the characters.

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