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The Official Recommendations Thread


Aug 16, 2003
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To people looking for recommendations: Whether you've just started reading comics and are looking for what's good, or are an old-timer who thinks he's running out of things to read, we welcome you. I hope you find the recommendations contained in this thread helpful, and I assure you I try to only recommend things I find to be at the top of the pile of quality, although our views may differ from time to time. Even if it fits into a genre you've not previously been a fan of, I encourage you to give them all a try anyway, as the books below are of the best stories comics have to offer, and the best works in any genre often transcend their genre. Also, we always recommend you start at the begining of any series, as most books are quite linear, and jumping on in the middle will sometimes ruin the surprise of great events that happened before.

if you are having difficulty finding a place to get these books, I can tell you that most Borders, Walden Books, and Barnes and Noble have small graphic novel sections, and should be able to order many graphic novels for you that they do not keep in stock. Also, www.the-master-list.com will assist you in finding your nearest comicbook stores. If you've never been to a comicbook store before or recently, I highly recommend you stop by one and hopefully will find a pleasent conversation with the clerk on duty, and may see some more things you enjoy. Lastly, graphic novels can be found at www.amazon.com, www.ebay.com, www.milehighcomics.com, www.dreamlandcomics.com, www.talesofwonder.com, and www.instocktrades.com . I hope this will all be helpful to you. Happy reading!

ORT ver 2.0 (A work in progress): http://superherohype.com/forums/showthread.php?t=235880

Page 1
1-100 Bullets
2-V for Vendetta
4-District X
Page 2
9-Y-The Last Man
11-Books of Magic
12-Batman: The Killing Joke
14-Superman: Red Son
15-Marvel Team-Up
16-Camelot 3000
Page 3
18-Kingdom Come
19-Spider-Man/Human Torch
22-Hammer of the Gods
23-Barry Ween Boy Genius
24-The Mask
26-The Walking Dead
27-Young Avengers
Page 4
29-X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
32-Strangers in Paradise
36-Green Arrow
37-Green Lantern/Green Arrow
38-Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
Page 5
39-Daredevil: Wake Up
40-Mutant X
41-Young Justice
41-Dr. Strange and Dr.Doom: Triumph and Torment
43-The Death of Captain Marvel
44-Squadron Supreme
45-Supreme Power
46-Animal Man
Page 6
47-Avengers Forever
48-Uncle Sam
50-Scurvy Dogs
Page 7
51-Rex Mundi
Page 8
57-Operation: Galactic Storm
58-The Infinity Gauntlet
60-JLA: Tower of Babel
61-JLA: Year One
63-Great Lakes Avengers
64-Arkham Asylum: Living Hell
65-Spectacular Spider-man: The Child Within
66-The Tick
67-Boris the Bear
68-Top Ten
69-Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Page 9
71-The Question
72-Elektra Lives Again
74-Arkham Asylum
Page 10
75-Challengers of the Unknown
76-DC: The New Frontier
79-Invisibles (mutant, I hope you don't mind but I'm gonna re-do these later)
80-Superman: Secret Identity
81-Astro City
82-Batman: The Long Halloween
83-Daredevil: Born Again
Page 11
84-The Authority
86-Judge Dredd
87-American Flagg
88-Ex Machina
89-Howard the Duck
Page 12
90-Space Ghost
91-The Ring, the Arrow, and the Bat
92-Conan (1970)
93-Conan (2003)
Page 13
95-Punisher: Born
96-Batman: Year One
Page 14
97-Startling Stories: Banner
98-Tilting at Windmills
99-The Losers
100-Lone Wolf and Cub
101-The Coffin
102-Deep Sleeper
103-The Atheist
Page 15
104-Nightwing: Year One
105-Pedro and Me
Page 16
106-Squee's Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors
107-The Golden Age
Page 17
108-Wolverine: Enemy of the State
110-Star Wars Tales
111-The Flash: Blitz
112-Shaolin Cowboy
113-Doc Frankenstein
Page 18
115-Black Panther by Christopher Priest
116-Captain America: The New Deal
117-Daredevil: Guardian Devil
118-Fantastic Four: Unthinkable
Page 19
119-Earth X
Page 20
Page 21
122- Akira

Ok, so we get people asking for recommendations at least once a month. Now, instead of us each responding to each of these requests with lists of what we all suggest, let's just have an official recommendation thread we can point them too.

Now, I've long had issues with people simply making lists of good books. I think it's important to pitch books to people, tell them what they're about instead of just giving them a title. Show some artwork That way, they can judge for themselves a little better. Cause let's face it, there's a LOT of books out there we could all recommend. Let people pick what sounds interesting to them, and let them judge that by more than just the name of the book.

So what I'd ask you all to do is if you want to recommend something here, at least give a short paragraph or so about what the books is about and why you like it. Also tell them where they should start, how many books are in the series and such. Post images from the book, too. As a general policy, let's try and have it be stories that are avalabe in trade, not just arcs from in the middle of a book that will never be reprinted. Then, just link people here whenever they ask for something

Title: Invincible
Writer/Artist: Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Cory Walker
Publisher: Image

Amazon.com listing:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/15...f=pd_bbs_1/103-9396336-0621452?_encoding=UTF8

Invincible is the Eisner Award-nominated top selling Image book, created and written by Robert Kirkman (same guy who's doing The Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, Marvel Team Up, and Ultimate X-Men). Here's the pitch from the back of volume one:

"Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. He's a senior at a normal American high School. He has a crappy part time job after school and on weekends. He likes girls quite a bit... but doesn't quite understand them. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, and sleeping late on Saturdays... at least until the good cartoons come on. The only difference between Mark and everyone else is that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, and as of late, he seems to be inheriting his father's powers. Strange things begin to happen to Mark Grayson as he begins to develop superpowers. Luckily, his dad is around to show him the ropes, at least he would be if he weren't so busy saving the world all the time. "

But that's just the begining. Over only two years, Kirkman has not only developed Mark and his father into amazingly fleshed out characters, he's created a whole world around Mark that rivals the entire Marvel or DC Universes in variety and creativity. The twists are non stop, as is the fun. The plot is no holds barred, and you truly don't know what is going to happen next. The storytelling is top notch, and it is downright the best superhero title being published today.

Format: So far there's six softcover volumes collecting the first 26 issues. But the Hardcovers are the real bargain, as they contain three softcovers each, plus a load of bonus material, for cheaper than the softcovers. You can buy the volume 1 HC for an incrediblly low $23 at Amazon (softcovers they ask $10 a peice for). Buy it, and get hooked!




Warning: Adult Content. The recommended book below contains foul language, and may contain nudity or other material you may find offensive

100 Bullets has a really simple yet compelling premise: this mysterious man named Agent Graves travels around the world and finds people who's lives have been wrong in one way or another. He then gives them a briefcase. Inside the briefcase is a picture of the person responsible for messing up their lives, irrevocable proof that they did it, a gun, and one hundred rounds of ammunition. He then tells them that they have Carte Blanche - no law enforcement agency in the world will be able to touch them if they choose to act on the information he has given them. Then, he walks away. He never tells them to go out and take revenge, he simply gives them the opportunity, and everyone handles that oppurtunity differently. along the way are stories or the overall grander conspiracy of the story. 'Who is this man? how can he do this? WHY is he doing this? who does he work for?' and so forth. Upon it's completeion, the series will be exactly 100 issues long (it's up to about 60 now) and the writer has had every single issue plotted out from day one. Some really compelling stuff, and a truly great crime noir story. The series is actually taught in several crime literature courses at colleges in the US

Currently, there are 9 trades collecting the issues printed so far, and it's preferable to read them in order. Volume 3, Hang Up On the Hang Low, does stand by itself and won the 2001 Eisner Award for Best Serialized Story. The series will conclude with issue #100



Damn, you said Transmet already. Umm.... Let's go with Preacher. As far as I'm concerned, the last ish is all you need, but pick up the rest if you realy feel like it. The Saint of Killers is cooler thn anything. Be forewarned: the inbred ******ed descendant of Jesus is in this. Just a heads up. Jesse Custer is a preacher who is given the Word of God, meaning that if he says something, you do it... and that's where it gets kinda hazy. Pick it up, it's great.

V For Vendetta

Arguably Moore's best work, in which he deals with the line between vigilante, rebel and terrorist. A subtle story in times of unsubtle ruling, a totalitarian government has sought to control its people in a 1984-like state. A victim of their control is a man who calls himself 'V', he has set upon himself the task of freeing the minds of the public using violent yet poetic means. He is joined early on by a girl named Evey who he saves from people who have inevitably abused their power. An innocent, impressionable girl who immediately falls in love with the idea of rebelling only to find out it has its costs. 'V' is not a character with his path laid out clearly, with views spelled out and not much known about his personal leanings and yet we seem to know everything about him. You'll find something recognisable to you in his character and his actions are all the richer for it.

A must read by any definition.
funny, these are all published by Vertigo, a DC impint, but this is in the Marvel forum.
District X

District X is one of the lesser known of the mutant titles but one of the best. District X focuses on Ishmael Ortega, a NYPD police officer working in District X, a mutant only town. Ishmael is joined by Bishop, a hard nosed detetcive sent in to help bring peace to District X. What you see is no superhero antics, no super villains but a gritty, intelligent, and entertaining cop drama. If you need an escape from the big superhero battles, than District X is your book. Its really heart wrenching and makes you feel for Ismael who himself, has an extremely close bond to the mutants in District X. Check it out for yourself in TPB.

District X:Vol 1 Mr. M
District X:Vol 2 The Underground.
Warning: Adult Content. The recommended book below contains foul language, and may contain nudity or other material you may find offensive

Transmetropolitan - Do you know who Hunter S. Thompson was? if you don't, Hunter was the Author and main character of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He was a journalist for Rolling Stone in the seventies, and basicly they would send him out on assignments, he would snort, smoke, and inject every drug he could find in a half mile radius, then write his stories. He was bat **** insane, but also a genius. Transmetropolitan stars Spider Jerusalem, who is loosely based on Hunter, except the book is set about 2000 years in the future. Despite all of the insane technology of the age, people are still petty and weak. They still do drugs, just new drugs. The still fight, bicker, lie, cheat, steal, and are dumb enough to elect the biggest scumbag president to have ever lived, and Spider is going to take him down.

The wseries lasted 60 issues, with two specials, collected in 10 volumes, preferable to start from the begining. The first trade is only $7.95.



Young Avengers

The only good thing with avengers in the title in over a year.
Warning: Adult Content. The recommended book below contains foul language, and may contain nudity or other material you may find offensive

Preacher is about a young, alcoholic Texas Preacher named Jesse Custer. Raised on John Wayne movies, Jesse was forced into the ministry and is steadily losing his faith in God, in much part thanks to the hypocrites who make up his congregation. But all that changes when a half-angelic/half demonic being named Genesis escapes from Heaven. As powerful as God, but lacking a will of it's own, the creature makes it's way towards Earth seeking a host, and finds Jesse. Bonding with him in an explosion that destroys everyone in his town, Jesse is privilaged with all of the knowledge Genesis contains, in particular that God himself up and left Heaven. Reunited with his gun-toting Girlfriend Tulip, and his new best buddy, hard drinking Irish Vampire Cassidy, the group embarks on a quest to find God and make him answer for why the world is such a crummy place.

Both violent and hysterical, poignant and entertaining, it stands easily as one of the "must read" series in all of comicdom. The series is completely collected in 9 volumes.



At some point, every teenager thinks their parents are evil - but what if they really were?

Runaways is a fantastic book from Marvel about 6 teenagers who find out their parents are an elite team of supervillains who have been controlling LA for the past 20 years. Working as a group, the kids begin investigating behind the scenes what it is their parents are up to, and along the way each find a sort of superpowered inheritance. They must learn the ropes of both of their new found identities and as a team. I always highly recommend this title because it is engaging, interesting and fun, and the teenage characterizations are spot on. Definitely the best new Marvel series in years.

The series was originally to be canceled with issue 18 of the first volume, however, the first trade paperback sold so well upon it's release the series was given a relaunch some months later. As of 2006, Issue 12 of volume 2 is out.

Instead of the more traditional trade paperbacks, the Runaways volumes were released in "digest sized" trades, each with 6 issues and only $7.99 apeice retail. #1-3 collect the first 18 issues of volume 1 volume, and #4 starts the begining of volume 2. A Hardcover edition of the first 18 issues is also available for $34.99 retail (less than $2 an issue, and you can get it cheaper on amazon.com or other sites) for those that want the series in full-size. This series is also a great thing to get younger kids and girls into comics, though it's definitely great for us older guys, too.

It's written by Brian K. Vaughan (eisner award winner writer of Y-The Last Man and Ex Machina).





What are some other Batman novels I should get? I already got both TLH and Y1,and felt pretty meh about both.Are there any other novels any better?
Sabretooth said:
What are some other Batman novels I should get? I already got both TLH and Y1,and felt pretty meh about both.Are there any other novels any better?

if you didn't like those, you might be out of luck, as those are considered two of the best, along with the Dark Knight Returns
Hm.Oh well. How about DD?Where does Miller's run start?
Sabretooth said:
Hm.Oh well. How about DD?Where does Miller's run start?

well, frank began as DD's artist with #158. But he started writing at #168, which was where Elektra was introduced. Franks run on DD is collected in the Daredevil Visionaires: Frank Miller series of trades

Since it's relaunch under the Marvel Knights line back in 1998, Daredevil has been one of the most incredible titles that Marvel has to offer, harking back to the dark and compelling days when Frank Miller relaunched the title, and some even say, exceding it.

Film maker Kevin Smith initially wrote the relaunch of the book, along with Joe Quesada on pencils, increasing reader interest with a tale that dabled with the supernatural. However, it was when Brian Michael Bendis took over the book with issue #26 that the title skyrocketed to award winning quality. Joined by the dark and hard boiled pencils of Alex Maleev, the book began 5 year run that was dark, twisted, and just excellent storytelling. The initial premise begins with a tabloid newspaper outing Daredevil's secret identity as Matt Murdock. Daredevil is now faced with the continuing battle of denying these claims, while being attacked from all sides by his enemies.

Kevin Smith's initial run is collected in the Daredevil: Guardian Devil trade, and the Bendis Maleev run begins in Daredveil vol 1: Underboss, and continues in Daredevil vol 2: Out. However, the Daredevil Hardcover vol 1-5 collections are actually CHEAPER than the softcovers combined, and contain much bonus material, and are well worth it. Vol 1 contains Smith run, as well as the run that followed it by David Mack. Volume 2 begins the Bendis Maleev run. Either is a fantastic starting point for the most consistently amazing book Marvel has perhaps EVER had.

Bendis and Maleev ended their run recently with issue #81, and new writer Ed Brubaker took over with #82. That would also make a good starting point, however, do not cheat yourself by skipping over Bendis and Maleev.

(first issue of Smith/Quesada run)

(cover to DD HC vol 2, the begining of Bendis/Maleev)


rigel7soldiers said:

Don't Diss Great Lakes Avengers like that,.. Put more into it,...


Dan Slott, an up and coming great writer in the vein of those who started Marvel has written a good spin on the lamest Avengers in the Marvel Universe.

The Great Lakes Avengers is a projected one shot of how people who are heroic in heart but weak in power or know-how, (A couple of them have some kick-a** ability but use it poorly.), keep trying to save their part of the world,.. ignoring the jibes, laughter, the insults of the people around them.

Even Though I am Biased toward one of the Characters, I think Slott,... Heck,.. All those involved with the book have done an excellent JOB,.. Making marginal heroes folk you want to keep reading about,....

If you like "nutt in Cheek" humor,.. GLA is it.

I need to add that this wasn't the series I was going to suggest because I was hoping Mr. Slott finds a way to get saddled with those heroes long term,..

Me,.. I'll come back with We3 or GoldDigger.

I already read Bendis' DD and love it.So all I need is Miller's run....
Sabretooth said:
I already read Bendis' DD and love it.So all I need is Miller's run....
well ok, but the threads not just for you. Have you read DD: Yellow yet?
:confused: where did I say it was? And yeah,I've read all the color books
what about Vertigo books? have you read those yet?
Well,I saw V for Vendetta and something else on the racks,but I got TLH and Y1 instead.Dammit,if only I knew I wouldn't like them :mad: :(
Sabretooth said:
Well,I saw V for Vendetta and something else on the racks,but I got TLH and Y1 instead.Dammit,if only I knew I wouldn't like them :mad: :(

did you really dislike them that much?

V for vendetta I found a bit dense, same as everything else Moore writes, but I still respect it for what it is.

I think you might really enjoy PReacher, though. My Fiance finished the whole series in 2 days because she couldn't get enough of it
It's not that I dislike them seriously,it's just that the stories didn't grab me.In Y1,as cool as Gordon is,I felt like I saw too much of him and not enough Bruce.Long Halloween was a little better.You wouldn't be able to pry me off the book until I realized who it was.But other than who it was,nothing grabbed me about the story.Also,people kept telling me how great the two were,and making my expectations higher and higher,which may have been the reason :(

I also bought the Watchmen,but I'm a little worried that my expectations are gonna be too high and I won't like it :(
Watchmen is comicbook literature, it's a social commentary about superheroes.

read Preacher. Don't let people hype it up for you, the book will do that on it's when you pick it up

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