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The Official SHH Photo Album: 2013-2014


Yeah, that's me.
You remind me of the latest avatar of Dr. Jones

Cheese pizza
Kevin McAllaistar wants to join

Kane your pizza looks soooooo HOT!!!
Fresh out of the oven
My roommate snapped this of me when I was passed out sick a few days ago.

That's a nice Cap jersey!
A quick photo before walking out the door and heading to work this morning.

Manic loses his fat guy privileges. Now when you sing people will stop you. Now when you made a joke it's going to have to actually be funny. Now people won't feed you automatically when you step in their household.
But I like being fed when I step in someone's house...
You also can't eat cereal in a socially acceptable fashion at midnight. You get outta here you non-fatty!

Me studying a Geyser in Yellowstone, while drawing a large, (and somewhat annoying) crowd.
Last Christmas before I leave for college.

Mr. Todd is so grown up now. I remember when he was just a wee lad :(
Mr. Todd is so grown up now. I remember when he was just a wee lad :(

Haha, yeah I was in 8th grade, I believe, when I started posting frequently on here. Things change...
Since last time I was here I humiliated myself, thought I'd say hi:woot:

My friend and I (I'm the brown haired one) at a Christmas party. I was sober. She was not :oldrazz:
Yeah, if you were the one making the kissy face we would have had to go full regalia. :o
To be fair on her, she had drunk allot. I actually think she'd fit in on SHH, she loves her indie comics.
I figured it's been too long since I inflicted terror upon you:

You look like Michael Fassbender.

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