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Superman II The Official Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut Discussion/News Thread!!!!

I know it's been mentioned to death here already I've just simply forgotten but in the Donner cut when Superman turns back time and reverses eveything done how is it that the bully at the diner remembers beating up Clark at the end?
Well, the diner owners remember him as well, evidently. I guess it's like the "Superman kiss"... they don't remember Superman but they can remember Clark..? I dunno...
Yeah I remember the diner owner saying he just fixed the place from the last time I bet this scene was either for superman 2 or turning the world back wasn't for STM:doh:
Yeah, I didn't understand why Superman would go back in time. It made no sense to me. Wouldn't it have been easier to do that before destroying Zod, Ursa and Non? He did all of that hard work for nothing..... just so he can go through the same thing again. And it's possible that they could destroy Superman in the alternate world line.

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