The Official Unofficial "Find The Most Ridiculous Movie Possible" Thread

But those Hulk Hogan films are timeless classic. :confused:
Mr.Nanny is unintentionally hilarious.I wish I could find some clips to put in the Mondo Funky.
Snakes On A Plane

Okay, I haven't seen it yet, but come on.

It's not impossible for snakes to be on a plane.
The Hero I don't get your sig? are you saying alan moore hates JD?
He was pissed whenever Depp made changes to his character in the From Hell adaptation.The guy likes to hold grudges.
I thought depp's performance was the only thing holding that piece of **** together


frankenhooker was also mentioned which is truly an amazing movie filled with all sorts of fun including super crack, exploding hookers, a killer lawnmower and a re-animated corpse. what's there not to love.
hey ive heard of one.... the Killer Condom; sounds funny but REALLY kinda disturbing...


Here's a hilarious review I found at
Most of this was made in Japan or some other country that doesn't know how to make movies. It starts with this evil dude with a silver eyepatch (he's a pirate!) and his army of migrant workers. They go around raising hell and harassing people for a while before the real story starts.

These two dorks are walking along when they see some guys trying to steal a radioactive cat from a van. The dorks leap into action and fight off the thieves, but during the fight the cat scratches one of them. He ends up getting all the powers of a cat: super-strength, super-speed, and being able to control electronic devices by pointing at them. He is CATMAN.

The other dork is a secret agent, and his boss orders him to "Go undercover on this conspiracy and if possible screw it up!" so he asks Catman to help. The leader of the conspiracy is an evil priest who tells his gang: "We have a holy mission in this world: Kill as many as possible, rob the poorest man, and f**k whatever moves!" The priest says a lot of other hilarious sh**, too.

Meanwhile the migrant army is pissing off everyone, especially this person on a motorbike they keep harassing. I say "person" 'cause I don't know if it's supposed to be a chick or a little boy. I guess if you can't tell, you don't want to know. Anyway, people are getting pretty fed up with all this sh**, so a bunch of other Asian dudes show up and they start having all these gun battles with Eyepatch and his gang. You'd think 20 minutes of people shooting at each other wouldn't be boring, but here you are. Eventually, with the help of the creepy sexless person, the good Asian guys waste all the bad guys and everyone is free to go home and drink sake, or watch Gamera movies, or whatever it is these people do.

Now it's just up to the secret agent and Catman to catch the priest. They finally chase him and some of his gang into the woods and have a fight and kill them. The end. This movie was pretty ****ing awful- it didn't make any sense at all, which is something you can hide by showing lots of hot naked chicks and gore but they didn't have any of that, either. I'm guessing whoever made this movie was ******ed, and it was like a special class project or something.
A close second is the sequel...

Here's a review from

Now that the immediate threat that the evil Cheever posed is out of the way with, his minions have nothing to do to keep them occupied. They head out and find a new man to lead them into bigger and better evil deeds, and they find him in the form of a ponytailed guy who always wears camo fatigues. They ascertain that he is the right man for the job by having some people fight each other, thus proving who is the roughest and toughest of them all.

When some of Sam’s contacts at the CIA discover that a woman who was once tight with the late Rev. Cheever’s gang has acquired some sort of unidentified and very unspecific nuclear device that may or may not be capable of doing a whole lot of damage of some sort, Catman meow’s back into action with a mighty ‘alley oop’ and brings his buddy Gus along with him for help.

It turns out that these punks are going to hold the possibly nuclear device for ransom, and if they don’t get the money they want, watch out, baby! Kaboom! Catman and Gus go undercover to infiltrate the gang and save the world, but will they be successful?

Again, there's a lot of padding in this one, way, way, way more so than in the first film. Some of it is great, like when a crazy guy shows up in the jungle and amazes his friends (and probably you too, should you choose to see this film) by eating worms.

Thankfully, the last ten minutes of the film are pure gold. Catman comes to rescue Gus, and in doing so, calls the bad guys nasty names like 'mother ****ers!' before he kills them all. The final showdown between Catman and camo-ponytail man is the stuff that big screen fight legends are made of and this battle does not disappoint because it's got a lot of explosions and jumping and bleeding and most important of all, posturing.

Catman's dialogue is great. It's like it was written by an angry eleven year old boy when he was sent to his room. It's almost like a prepubescent child is taking out his anger through Catman's own words. This gives the film a sense of realism. Ok, no it doesn't. There's nothing realistic about this mess of a film at all, but it sure is wacky.

What’s important about these two films isn’t where they came from or which film Godfrey Ho swiped footage from to pad out the running time. No. These things are inconsequential.

These films present us with a new hero for the ages. A hero with a kitty-kat logo on his chest, who jumps around like an extra from Gymkata and who uses the ‘F’ word a lot. Catman is that hero. He’s a man’s man. He stops bullets using leather wristbands that look like they were stolen off the back of Manowar’s tour bus, and he has laser eyes.

He also knows kung fu and his secret identity is Sam, which is a very tough name. He has the strength of a cat and can punch through walls much like the Incredible Hulk can. He has a sidekick named Gus, which is also a very tough name, who wears a lot of acid washed clothes, and the ladies cannot stop thinking about him because he is too sexy. He’s been dubbed by someone who sounds like Dudley Dooright Of The Mounties, he kind of looks like an older, uglier Justin Timberlake with that frizzy blonde hair of his, but that doesn’t matter – because Catman is bad ass. He's someone we can all look up to, even if he has a potty mouth.
Wilhelm-Scream said:
I wonder if people notice that Misty Mundae has beautiful hair.:(

I've met her on numerous occasions. She actually comes across as pretty low-key and modest believe it or not. I believe she's trying to pull away from doing any more shock-o-rama films and wants to be taken more seriously. She's billing herself under her real name "Erin Brown" too.
You've gotta post some Dolemite,That-Guy.
Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Watch the movie and be prepared. :(
The whole movie and idea is a "WTF?!"
The Hero said:
You've gotta post some Dolemite,That-Guy.

Haha, will do! Wow, I can't believe you remembered that I'm a huge Dolemite fan. Okay, here ya go:





Ladies and Gents, I give you DOLEMITE, my personal favorite craptastic 70's blaxploitation film. It chronicles the adventures of Dolemite, an honest pimp who gets sent to prison after being set up by two white racist cops (whose names are Mitchell and WHITE, by the way) and scheming drug dealer Willie Green. But Dolemite gets released once his madam, Queen Bee, convinces the warden that he's innocent due to the fact that there are drugs still on the streets and people getting killed (apparently they thought that if they put one suspected drug dealer in jail, crime would simply STOP). So Dolemite is sent out to stop Willie Green's reign of terror. To help him in his valiant quest, he enlists his team of kung-fu trained hookers. This movie is so funny you'll bust a nut laughing at it, I guarantee you.
thedeadite said:
i just didn't see that comeing at the end, i mean i knew who the killer was but that was just a shock.
john waters movies are great...but definitly not for everyone

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