The Official X-Men 3 Custom Made Desktop/Wallpapers Thread


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Oct 16, 2003
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So where are the Pics????
Wow for some reason when I posted it everything was gone. Here I'll try it again. Hope the links and the preview pic shows up this time.

Large Version

Small Version

Preview Shot
That is great! If you are taking requests, I'd like one with Angel, Beast, Pheonix, and Cyclops.
cool!! i love the new promo pics of the characters!!! the all look great!!
Thats a great one Phoenix! But you might want to edit your post and change that to a thumbnail or link so the page doesn't stretch.


I'll upload another with toad, deathstrike, kurt and sabrertooth later.
I made my very own X-Men Wallpaper [Just for fun]. Most of the credit goes to SupesX since that's who this wallpaper is originally from. The Gambit manip was originally done by Yve [Josh Holloway, Fox's first candidate for Gambit, right?]. However, the little credit from me is that I made the Nightcrawler and Gambit portraits to resemble the X3 ones. Also, I did Mystique's eyes myself.

The pic's quality could be better, but my skills in photo manip/forging aren't that great :/

Sorry for not asking beforehand SupesX and Yve. Though I'd like to thank you two for your talent and commitment in making such awesome pics! :up:
Great job to everyone that has posted their own wallpapers!

And no problem using my wallpaper Ryo Jin you did a good job on yours. It's nice to see people being creative with the new promo pics. Anyone else have any new desktop/wallpaper images they made and want to share?

_BB_ said:

Oh, Rock on! Great idea. I've been looking for something like this, to show both comic and movie together.:up: :up: :xmen:
It still trips me out everytime I look at Jean Grey's groovy disco dancing while the others fight Magneto. Just hilarious.
Is it the wrong resolution for you? That one i did is 800/600
its because of the widescreen moniter, for some reason it really bugs me if there is empty space on my background image, and normal backgrounds look really bad if i use strech, its no biggie. I tried it on mine and it just looks funky all the faces are streched out.

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