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The Oscar Winners of the last 5 Years. Full statistical Breakdown.


Movie critic
May 2, 2009
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I digged in my Oscar archives, and I put together an interesting Oscar statistic for each of the Oscar winners of the last 5 years (Best Picture, Directing and Acting).

In the statistic you can see how many precursors awards each Actor/Director/Picture have won, and how do they look compared to each other.

Fact: 2007 has the most dominant Oscar winners, and 2010 has the least.

Check it out:
STATS (2007-2011)
I love how supervillains dominate the Supporting Actor category.
Dominated. The last two years...

But this year, Leo is our hope to restore the tradition.
Dominated. The last two years...

But this year, Leo is our hope to restore the tradition.

3/5 of those "statistical winners" are hardcore villain roles.
Yeah I would like to see an interesting list of supporting actor noms unlike last year.
Yeah, that's my point. The last two years was a bit weak. The winners (Bale and Plummer) were great, but they broke that amazing 3 years streak of Villain Oscar Winning.

This year I see only one villain to have a shot at the Oscar and that is DiCaprio in Django. And he has great chances. We will see.

Interesting thing is that the Supporting Actress is actually now that great. There are hardly a dominant performance there.

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