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Feb 15, 2001
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*audience is yelling and screaming*

Rich: Here it comes! From the Bob Barker studios at CBS, it's the fabulous sixty minute Price is Right! DBella, come on down!...Erzengel, come on down!....Immortalfire, come on down!...and Colossal Spoons, come on down! (what the hell is with these names? What?...oh) You're the first four contestants on The Price Is Right! And now, here's the star of the Price is Right......Bobbbbbbbbbbbbbb Barkerrrrrr!!

*Bob enters, the crowd goes nuts*

Bob: Thank you! Here's the first item up for bids!

Rich: It's a charming Seattle Mariners floor rug.

DBella: Ooh! :wow:

Bob: Bella, what do you bid?

DBella: A million dollars!

Erzengel: Fifty cents.

Immortalfire: Five hundred.

Spoons: Yo yo Bob, wassup. Gimme a bit of a thousand.

Bob: Actual retail price, $1,100...Spoons, you're the winner!

Spoons: Oh yeah!

DBella: Dammit!

*Spoons goes on stage*

Bob: So, that your real name?

Spoons: Yup it is dawg, yo yo.

Bob: Alright, well can win this! :)

*doors open, and the Barker Beauties are with a kickass couch, recliner and loveseat*

Rich: It's a new living room suit!

Spoons: My baby would like dat.

Bob: Well let's win it for her, by playing Pushover. Just push these numbered blocks into the blue area, and stop whenever you think you have the price. Let's go!

*Spoons pays no regard to the crowd trying to help him, and pushes anything into the blue area*

Spoons: Dat's it.

Bob: He has a price of $3,875. Is he a winner?

*bells ring*

Bob: Yes he is!

Spoons: Yo yo yo, I'm da winna! :woot:

Bob: Congratulations! More pricing games, coming up!
Bob: Our next player is?

Rich: Mee! Come on..

Bob: No Rich, you can't play.

Rich: I mean, Mee is the name of our next contestant.

Bob: O Rly?

Rich: Ya Rly. So come on down, Mee!

*crowd cheers, Mee approaches the row*

Mee: Wooooo!!!!!

Bob: And here is something for you folks to bid on!

Rich: It's a classic designed, popcorn cart!

Erzengel: What the hell would I do with that?

Immortalfire: Sell popcorn at Hypeworld?

Bob: May I have your bids please.

Mee: $2,100!

DBella: $2,299

Erzengel: $3,000

Immortalfire: One dollar!

Bob: Actual retail price, $2,300..DBella wins!

DBella: Oooooooooo!!!!!!

*Bella goes on stage*

Bob: Welcome. Now, we would love to give you this!

*doors open*

Rich: A new car!!!!!!!!

*crowd goes nuts*

Rich: It's a 2007, Ford Focus comes with standard equipment...the Ford Focus!

Erzengel: Piece of junk.

Bob: Bella, to win that must play Let 'Em Roll! On each of these five cubes, there are three cars, $500, $1000, and $1500. Now it takes five cars to win that Ford Focus But, you can quit at anytime and take the cash on the cubes. I will give you one roll, and give you a chance to win two more using these prizes. Rich?

Rich: First it's Aspercreme for pain relief, a can of Campbell's soup, and finally a six pack of Coca Cola.

Bob: The Aspercreme is listed at $11.50, is the soup higher or lower?

*Bella looks to the crowd, they're all yelling something*

DBella: Lower.

*the price of the soup is....$1.07*

Bob: You're right. Is the Coke, higher or lower than the soup?

DBella: Higher.

*the price of the Coke is...$2.99*

Bob: Right again! Now step onto that platform, and let em roll!

*Bella dumps a bucket of the car cubes down a small ramp*

Bob: Wow, you got three cars! And money wise, the cubes came up with..a total of $1,500. Wanna quit, and take the cash?

DBella: No way!

*a hot model takes the two cubes, and hands them to Bella*

Bob: Let em roll!

*Bella rolls.....but neither cube comes up as a car*

Bob: Aw, but you can quit now and take...$2,000?

DBella: I'm going on!

Bob: Alright then. Let em roll!

*the hot model hands the cubes to Bella again, she rolls...but they both come up as $1,500 each*

Bob: Ahh, too bad.

DBella: :csad:

Bob: But you did win $3,000. Thanks. More, coming up next!
WTH?! The Mariners rug is most definitely worth more than $1,100.00! I'm right, danggit!! :mad: :csad:

But it's okay, at least I got $3,000. And a chance to spin the big wheel!! :D :up:
This is too funny.
Next contestant is coming up before the day is out :yay:
That's some funny **** right there!!
Bob: Rich, I think it's time for another name.

Rich: about......blind_fury! Come on down!

*blind_fury comes on down*

Bob: Welcome to contestants row, and here's the next item.

*the hot models ride out on...*

Rich: It's a tandem bicycle!

Bob: Blind_fury can I have your bid?

blind_fury: On the bike?

Bob: That's right.

blind_fury: I thought you meant the models. $300

Mee: $1,000!

Immortalfire: $701

Erzengel: One dollar :whatever:

Bob: Actual retail price...$330, blind_fury is the winner!

*bf goes on stage*

Bob: Welcome! And now, we want to give you...

blind_fury: How much do the models charge?

Bob: What?

blind_fury: How much do I have to pay the models to have sex with me?

Bob: :dry:

Rich: :dry:

Bob: Security.

*guards grab blind_fury and drag him off stage*

blind_fury: Like I care what you guys think of me. They probably weren't even Swedish. :whatever:

Erzengel: Well, that was lovely.

Immortalfire: Jag's gonna hate he missed it.

Bob: Err..we'll be right back.
Oh Bob Barker, you senile old coot:word: .
Heheheh. I bet that's actually happened in some tapings. :woot:
Hahahaha! O blind_fury... "Like I care what you guys think of me. They probably aren't even Swedish." lmao!! :up:
HAHAHAHA B-F is awesome! If I was ever on that show I'd probably steal what I was winning, hold a lightsaber to the model's throat and get away.
Pfft, ETM is an idiot. PLASTIC? Please! Gimme a break man. And I'm guessing you're one of those weirdos who thinks Santa Claus doesn't exist?

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