The Walking Dead The Rooker / Merle thread!


Rooker is the man and I'm highly interested in what might be coming with Merle's arc.
Something tells me he's going to turn on the Governor, and help Andrea and Michonne escape.
I get the feeling the governor is using him and that he truly fears and despises him. Maybe for the [blackout]stadium fights[/blackout] that are in the comics.
I am very saddened by the characters death on the show. He quickly became my favorite character on the show. He had this amazing style and charm on screen. He did things that seemed like they'd be straight out of a comic book or movie. The scene where he is sipping on whiskey in the car covered in walkers, listening to Motorhead . And then jokingly offered a walker through the window a sip. That scene just oozed all kinds of cool and bad ass. He took on the gov and gang solo like a boss.

Rip homie
*pours a sip of some prison issued grape flavored kool-aid on the ground*
I'm saddened that his thread never moved past one page
Blood at the Beach III

May 10-12
Virginia Beach, VA
Guests: Michael Rooker
"die ugly" Merle Dixon

Funny that Merle looked all sweaty and hot in episode 15 as he should have been since it's supposedly early summer Georgia in the timeline.
What makes it funny is the rest of them are dressed like it's late October and cold?
Whats up with that anyways?
Merle went out in the most badass way possible. He might not have been able to take the Gov out, but at least he wasted that little b**ch kid. God, I hated that prick. I hope his dad gets his head blown off next week.

Anyway, this week's episode was amazing. Merle has been such an unlikable bastard since day one, and it looked like he was going to stay that way when he kidnapped Michonne, but... then we finally see that he's not as horrible of a guy as he wanted us all to believe. Or at least, he did what he could to try and give the group a chance. Never thought I'd cry for Merle, but I did. Great job, Rooker.
I'm going to miss him too. I feel like he took Glenn and Maggie because it meant he'd get his brother back...but then when he did, he realized the consequences of his actions actually lost him his brother. This was his redemption. And it's so sad, because he had a shot.
I'm going to miss Merle, I didn't always like the way he went about doing things and his actions but I understand more now why he was the way he was. He just didn't seem to fit in anywhere.
Didn't like the man much but I've got to say the man died well. RIP Merle. :csad:
Not to speak ill of the dead, but for a dude with a knife for a hand, this guy really use it well when it came to the living. ****, Merle, give the Gov a poke or something... :o
Yeah it was sad what happened to Meryl BUT he did do the right thing in the end to redeem himself.It just came with a cost and the moment when Daryl finds him was a hard one.

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