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    Welcome to the Smallville RPG Signup thread!!!!!
    This game is similar to the other Hype RPG's, except this is based off of the Smallville Continity.

    Gamemaster: Olcanucklehead
    AGM: Red X

    Volunteers for Gamemasters and Mods can be taken at this time.


    -Players can choose any character in the Smallville continuity/universe. Players who have proved themselves as good RPer's will also have the option to take up a second character. You can choose "Metor Freaks" along with any DC hero early in their carier.

    -Everyone exists in the Smallville Timeline. Please do not attempt using charcters from alternate timelines. (Such as Terry Meginus as Batman, or Connor Kent as Superboy)

    -No Killing. Unnamed faceless NPC's may be killed, but not major characters, or those played by another.

    -You can go anywhere on Earth. You cannot travel off world, however you may travel to Earth from another planet (if perhaps you are Kryptonian or Czarnian)

    -You are your character, so act like it. Talk like them, use there dialouge. Do not exaggerate your powers, or pop-up here and there without explination.BE Your character.

    -Several stories can be going at once, and you have the freedom to interact with other characters. This is very much incouraged!

    -You must post at least once every two weeks, though it is preferred that you post more. If you go two weeks without a post without prior notice, your character is up for grabs.

    -And of course, all regular rules of the Hype apply.

    -Have fun.

    Smallville Roster

    Clark Kent

    Lex Luthor
    Master Bruce

    Bart "The Flash" Allen
    Red X​

    Remember the character has to apear in Smallville.

    To apply for a character,please fill out the application below:

    Smallville RPG SIGN-UP FORM

    Screen Name:

    Character you would like to play:

    Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




    What can you bring to this game?

    How many times do you intend on posting a DAY IN the RPG:

    Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards:
  2. Logan Howlett Registered

    Oct 22, 2005
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    I'm not sure why I did it realy. I mean, I know what I tell myself. I know why I THINK I did it.......but I know? I made her hate me. Lana, the only person I have ever loved, besides my parents I mean, but you know its......diferent. She was ok with who I am when I told her.......when I.......proposed. But thats all gone now and......Dad.....your dead. Its all my fault. All of it. I wish.......I wish I had never been born, or crashed here, or....I don't know....something. I'm sorry dad. I wish I could be better, for you, for Mom. I.....I dono.

    Ok now I hear someone coming! A cars coming down the drive way. I rush to the front of the barn. Its Chloe. I walk up to the car as she parks. I lean into the open window and say,

    "Hey.....what are you doing here?"

    "Come on Clark, like i would spend more than 48 hours away from my favorite Martian!..... What? i thought it was funny........whats wrong, you look kind of like a Kryptonian puppy who got lost."

    "Huh?.......I'm ok."

    "No your not, your sulking. Whatever it is you are about to feel a whole lot better!"

    "Oh yea?"

    "Ya! You remember your good ol friend Dr. Fine?"

    "How could I forget?"

    She steps out of the car and walks over to me.

    "Well it turns out that with all of his other triumphs he managed to sneak into the F.B.I.'s database under a false alias, and then.....get this....cleared out over 100 files in their archives!"

    "And I'm supposed to be exited about this why?"

    "Why Clark, don't you trust me?....Listen, I looked into the areas that he did his erasures and as it turns out at least HALF of these files were directly linked to LuthorCorp."

    "First of all, you "looked into" restricted F.B.I. files?"

    "Ok stop it! I didn't get caught now did I?"

    "Umhhm. So what does this mean."

    "It means that whatever this guy has come here for is now directly related to LuthorCorp in some way. Clark.....I think your old friends may be playing without you."

    "Great! Now Lex is buddying up with a Kryptonian cyborg! Do you think that he knows what Dr. Fine is."

    "If he did I don't know why he would go through so much trouble to erase the files. Alot of those files were LuthorCorp shared files. Which means Lex has some sort of connection on the inside."

    "I still don't know why this is supposed to cheer me up."

    She starts to dig through her bag.

    "I also have a bag of M&M's!"

    "No thanks.......Well thank you for the information, but I need to get started on the chores so...."

    "Listen Clark.....I know we haven't talked about it to much but........I wan't you to know how sorry I am about your dad.......and Lana. And if you need anything......"

    "Your here for me, I know."

    I smile at her, she smiles back.

    "Ok......well I should head out, I'm sure The Planet is going crazy without take care Clark."

    "You too.......Thanks....."

    She smiles and gets back into her car. I walk back into the barn and make my way up the steps slowly, walk over to my bed and just let myself crash ontop of it. I know I said I had to do my chores but.......right now.......I realy don't even wana think......
  3. Logan Howlett Registered

    Oct 22, 2005
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    I lay on my bed for about half an hour. I keep telling myself that I need to go talk to Lana, tell her the truth......but....I' can't. If I did that I would only be risking putting her in more danger......or am I just telling myself that? I need to get up, need to mow the feilds, put up new fence posts, fix the hole in the back door, and make up the loft. Better get started......

    Nine seconds later....

    Allright.......done.....I'm movin slow today. Oh wait, I forgot to check the mail. Well Im just gona walk fro this one, nopoint in using superspeed all the time.

    I walk through the barn door and outside to the mail box. I open the door and reach inside. Three invelopes, junk mail, bill, and.......whats this? Its for Mom. Its marked Wayne Enterprises. Huh? Must be some sort of government thing......right? Hmmm....I do have X-ray vision.....but that would'nt be right, I couldn't do that to Mom, I'll just ask her what it is.

    I walk up the driveway and into the house. I don't directly see her so I call out,


    Footsteps clunk down the stairs. The sound of her high heels hitting the redwood flooring Dad and I put in last year.

    "Yes dear?"

    "Hi mom."

    I give her a kiss on the cheek.

    "You got some mail today, one letter from some place called Wayne Enterprises???"

    "Oh thank you hunny, I've been expecting this for a while."



    "Whats Wayne Enterprises?"

    "Well aren't we curious today?....Wayne Enterprises is a large company I'm working with to help fund some of the states restoration projects. They are held in high esteme for their public donations and community support.......or at least they were, rumor has it their is a power struggle within the company and some of the company big wigs are try to move into weapons manufacturing."

    "Weapons? What kind of weapons?"

    "I don't know, its just a rumor Clark, but at least for now they are helping our community, which is more than I can say for Luthor Corp."


    "What? Is something the matter Clark."

    "Um....well...kind of. Chloe just came over.....she was telling me that it looks like.....maybe Dr. Fine and Lex may be working together."

    "......Oh no Clark, DOES LEX KNOW YOUR SECRET?"

    "No, I don't think so Mom. It looks like whatever the situation is, Dr. Fine is try just as hard to cover up who he is as I am."

    "Guess we have to give thanks for small miracles......anyways, I have to go, I have a meeting in.....WOW, ok about 10 minutes, I'm gona be realy late."

    "Need a lift?"

    "No Clark, I think it would be difficult to explain how my son carried me to work."

    I laugh lightly,

    "Ok, carefull."

    "Ok thanks. Bye."


    She walks out the door and I follow behind and watch as she leaves in her car. I just stand their on the porch and look at the bright yellow sun in the sky.
  4. Batman Dramatic Example

    Oct 1, 2003
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    IC: Lex Luthor



    Alexander "Lex" Luthor sits in his study, microphone wrapped around his ear. On the other line is his corperate advisor, altering him of a rather unique opprotunity. But Lex doesn't nessacarily want to show his enthusiam, with it, at this time. Bad for an image.

    "Did I not make myself clear? No. We're not going to take over a corporate operation without the nessacary information that we need in order to fully know what we're getting ourselves into."

    Lex stands, walking around his personal desk as he looks down into the fireplace, still listening into the microphone.

    "But Mr. Luthor... Think of the beneficiaries that could come with this."

    "I have. I've also considered something that you probably overlooked. The damage this could do to both my image, and the image of Luthorcorp. And that's the last thing we need right now, wouldn't you agree?"

    "And just how could it be damaging?"

    Lex takes a swig of some poured whisky, before answering.

    "While I recognise that Wayne Enterprises is on the verge of bankrupcy, and the company is in need of new and experienced management, Think about how a corporate takeover would look to the people of Gotham City. Thomas Wayne was, and still is one of the city's most respected citizens, so defacing his name only to replace it with mine would only bring criticism. And that's only if were fortunate. No, I'm not going to take the offer. I believe our current focus should be improving our image before risking it."

    Lex hears a sigh on the other end.

    "Very well, sir. I'll tell them you're not interested."

    "...No. Don't tell them that either."

    "What? Why? You said you didn't want to go through with..."

    "I said I'm not going through with the offer until I find the nessacary information required. Accepting the offer now would be amatuerish, at best, and that's not how I want my company to be seen. But should such information become availible within the next week... I wouldn't nessacarily be as opposed to the idea. I trust I have your understanding."

    "Yes. Of course."

    "Have a nice day."

    Lex hangs up on his advisor, before turning around, lost in his thoughts.

    Wayne Enterprises is up for sale. Their current acting CEO is less than a month from retirement, and the company is getting desperate to have a replacement ready by the time the retirement takes place.

    What Lex's advisor was offering was corporate merger, in which Lex would take over the CEO duties under his own name. However, there was a problem. Bruce Wayne, the grandson of the company's founder, was not yet officially declared dead. He had been missing for quite some time.... More than a few years worth. The board of directors for Wayne Enterprises were still holding out hope for his return.

    Lex, however, wasn't as optimistic. Bruce Wayne was dead, as far as he was concerned. Though the two had been childhood friends, Bruce had left the private school they were attending, and was never seen or heard from by Lex again.

    Now, His company was up for grabs. And Lex wanted it. The profits that could come with it could skyrocket Lexcorp's worth and finally prove to everyone that Lex Luthor was as good... no... better of a buisnessman than his father was.

    He just had to wait... Wayne would be officially declared dead in a matter of a week. That was the time to strike.

    He would show them. Show them all...

  5. Red King Littlefinger

    Jul 4, 2005
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    Bart headed down the empty back road as fast as could he run. He didn’t know where was heading but he knew where he had been. He stopped for a moment and reached to a bottle of drink from his backpack. The price was still displayed on it, but he hadn’t stolen it, he had done that in months. He took it while the shop keeper wasn’t looking but he also left the cash on the counter.

    This new attitude, a conscience of sort began when he meet the first person who had ever been like him. Clark Kent, the farm boy, while Bart didn’t like to admit it he missed the guy, he missed having someone to run against, although he was pretty sure he could win.

    Bart placed the bottle back in his bag. With the open road in front of him, only place called to him. He ran off into sunset.

    “I hope Kent’s got a bit faster since last time.”

    Bart made his way across half of America in a matter of seconds. In a flash, he was outside the Kent house. It was just how remembered it the sun nestled behind the roof, Mr. Kent’s truck parked with its engine on the floor. To Bart it was just like seeing the family he wanted. Not that he was jealous of Clark, but his family his home was what he had always wanted for himself.
  6. Logan Howlett Registered

    Oct 22, 2005
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    The wind suddenly blew hard aginst my face as a red blur streaked across the feild. I look out in front of me and can't believe my own eyes.

    ".......Bart? is that you? what are you doing here? I thought you were gona be gone for a while? you know.....try to find yourself.....What have you been up to? Your not here to steal anything are you?"
  7. Red King Littlefinger

    Jul 4, 2005
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    "Well you know how things are Clark, when you've been around the world a fews times, its fun to stop by and say hey. So still working the farm I see?"
  8. Logan Howlett Registered

    Oct 22, 2005
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    "Ya.....I mean.....its only me now since.....well..........SO you just decided to drop by? I guess it would get boring if you already covered most of the earth in a matter of seconds. You know you realy need to pace yourself......So are you gona be staying long? Wana grab something to eat at the Talon, I was actualy about to ......"

    I'm cut off by the sound of my phone ringing.

    "Excuse me fo a second..."

    I look down at the phone, but theres not a number on the screen.....its blank......Hmmmm, I'll answer it anyway.


    "Hello.....Kal-El......I want you to know that while you may think your safe, and with your mother as a political figurehead she is protected, but just know that there is no where you can go, and nothing you can do to avoid your true destiny. I will ALWAYS be watching you, and waiting in the WILL realize the TRUE reason you are here.....son of Jor-El. We will continue this conversation at another time.......I will be seeing you very soon......"


    "Huh......Profesor????..............Oh gota go Bart, I'm sorry......I can come with me if you want.....i just gotta get to my mom. I think she was having a meeting with some guys from a company named......oh what was it.......Wayne Enterprises??? Ya, I think woul'dnt happen to know where that is would you?"
  9. Red King Littlefinger

    Jul 4, 2005
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    "Never been to Gotham City I take it." Bart lent forward and streached his hand on his Clarks shoulder.

    "Fast cars, fast women. Lots of that. It's one of my favorite places to crash."
  10. Logan Howlett Registered

    Oct 22, 2005
    Likes Received:

    "Gotham City?? I think I've heard of it....supposed to be a real rough place. I think they did something on the new about its escolating crime rate. Why would my mom be going all the way there? I mean, I know shes Senator now, and has alot of important stuff to deal with, but I don't think Gotham is even in Kansas. Hmm, ok. But this isn't a social call Bart, I need to get to my mom and warn her.....I mean...its imporatant, trying to pick up "fast women" or "fast cars", I mean, why would YOU need a fast car??......Ok, well seeing as I have NO idea where this place is, maybe you could take the lead and I'll follow behind??"


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