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World The Superman Curse! 'List each actor who you think got the curse also why & how?'

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Jun 11, 2007
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Well sup folks it's early in the morning on a wonderful Saturday, and I've been thinking recently even had a dream about it.
As most of you die hard SUPERMAN fans know there is a "Superman Curse" that people speak about, and have spoken about more since the tragic fall of the one true Superman out of the bunch of actors who's played the part.
Chris Reeve simply was Superman! No matter how campy it got as soon as he was the main focus of the cameras all eyes were on him, and he made us all believe a man could fly!
But even like Superman every hero falls, and we all know the tragic death of both Chris, and his real life Dana Reeves. Who died of lung cancer...)
We also know about poor George Reeve's tragic death which still to this day smells like a murder, and I believe he was killed I personally don't think he did himself in.

Now those are just two of the COUNTLESS people who have played the role on tv, and on cinema.

Here in this thread list any one actor, and tell me why you think he was cursed with this "Superman Curse."

I have given away the obvious one's in Chris Reeve, and George Reeves death so even they have other things which could be applied to as being a result of the curse so you can use them but just not those two reasons since I already said them.

Anyway hope this catches on cause i'd love to see what everyone thinks...

Oh, and yes Tom Welling, and the two tv Superboys also count in this so you can use them also.
Dean Cain -- his career died shortly after Lois & Clark wrapped up.
Dean Cain -- his career died shortly after Lois & Clark wrapped up.

Seeing as he did not have a career before and now he gets some screen time here and there, I would have to say that L&C boosted his career.

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