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The Video Clips Thread

hey yo its sean

May 8, 2004
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Yeah, I'm glad you saw something funny on wimp.com and it made you feel magical and alive, but you don't need to make a thread dedicated to each and every individual clip you see. Dump them all in here. Just post a short description of the clip(or at least the subject matter), and a link.

Siskel & Ebert uncensored


A few select "harsh" words, but nothing too bad. It's just funny watching these two b**ch at eachother and talk s**t.
hey yo its sean said:
Direct Link

It really makes me want to stop piracy.

Yes the Gobernator and the Goofy man who can never stay still make me feel very guilty. . .Piracy is wrong.

Kind of like when I was 8 and I punched this kid in the nose because he called me a name. The teacher asked why I did it, and I said, "He called me a bad word." Apparently verbal taunts don't beget violence because I was punished. Go Figure.
Next time he called me a name and I hit him again. The teacher asked me why I hit him, and I said, "he hit me first." - We both were punished.
I learned a valuable lesson: In this system, lying goes a long way....satan taught me that.
The next time I told the teacher he hit me when he didn't. He was punished and realized the harsh reality of life. He never was the same again.
Long story short, he went from elementary timeouts to middle school detentions to high school suspensions to juve to jail to prison. . . but don't worry - His brother Lincoln Burrows is an engineer who tatooed himself w/ the prison blueprints. He's going to break his brother out in March. . .at 8PM . . .on Fox. . .right before Kiefer Sutherland saves us. . .again.
Hey some of those links have nudity and porn. You should be careful.

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