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The who should play Gohan thread!


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Dec 1, 2004
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Who do you think should play Gohan, son of Goku?
If there is another movie the next one will probaly be the sayian saga. If that's the case we need a kid who can not only fight but also act as well. Gohan has many emotions and battles so whoever gets the part is going to have to work it. So have any choices for the guy?
An unknown actor. Child actors usually are unknown anyhow, so why not?
He should be North American like Chatwin, so that his accent is the same as Goku's.
my pick from back in the day (though, he might be alil too old, now)
but,Taylor Lautner, just seem like he needs to be in these movies

he's 17, martial arts expert, in great shape (for his age), and has acting experience

I am not to familiar with DBZ, so, I don't alot of the characters, so, who else could this kid play?
Not bad, but as you said he was 17 a few years ago, thered probably need to cast someone about 10.

Even though he was 4 when DBZ started
How are they going to make a kid kicking a grown man's ass look realistic? Is Gohan even in this movie?
No he's not in this movie, but the movie takes place in the Piccolo saga which means if they have another sequal Gohan should be in that one. My guess is that they'll either show baby Gohan in the ending credits of the first movie or show him grow from baby to 4 years old in the sequal and on ward to 7 possibly. I personally want an actor to play Gohan, some one who likes like him but who can actually act. I don't want some kid that can't act. Hes my favorite character so I don't want him screwed up. Neptune can any of this look realistic really? LOL.
if gohan is in future sequels i trust the casting director to choose some right for the role... they've done an awesome job so far
something tells me he will not be in the sequel or his part will be really small.
How about this guy?


He's Evan Sabara, Daryl Sabara's younger brother. Some might know as Robin from "The Batman".

Of course he's 16 now so he might be a little too old


This is what he looks like now
lol they should do like 10-14 years after dragonball then the kid can be easely cast
i think alex ferris from the invisible or Tristan Lake Leabu from superman returns will be awesome gohans
how old is Goku supposed to be in the movie ?

I'm pretty sure someone in there teens, I guess.

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