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Dec 7, 2012
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Anyone a fan of the series?
this show was awesome, especially the first few seasons

i always looked forward to Sunday nights because of the Simpsons, back when the show was funny, and the X-Files
I love the X-Files. I still hope for a final movie to tie it all up.
One of my favorite shows of all time. Would kill for one last movie tie it all up.

Bad Blood still one of the funniest 45 minutes of TV ever.
As I am watching the show again something stroke me. Dana 90’ business suit and coat make her no favor, she looks too large for a small figure because of the shoulders pads.
In retrospect, the show is really frustrating. It had a lot of good, but they really needed to decide between "episodic" and "myth arc", and do *one* of them well. As is, the needs of an episodic structure meant the arc couldn't actually go anywhere, and the needs of the myth arc meant you constantly had the episodes being interrupted by mandatory failures.
I love The X-Files even if it does have many faults. The biggest problem with the show and a lot of other show, Lost! Is the writers just made stuff up as it went rather than pre-planning the show which resulted in a bit of nonsense and a myth arc that ended up going nowhere. I’d love to see a new continuation of the show with someone other than Chris Carter taking charge as it still has so much potential.
I don't think a continuation, or even a reboot, is really possible anymore. The fundamental problem is that X-Files makes a hero of the Conspiracy Theorist, and we've now had 20 years or so of finding out just how gross conspiracy theorists actually are. If you try to just ignore this, you end up making something which looks like apologia, and if you don't, you have to rewrite a *lot*. Its just not worth it.
I'm re-watching the show on Disney+.
I wanted to do it for a long time. Let see if I'll like it as much as i did back in the show original run.

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