This Boy ( not me)Wants You To Leave Christopher Nolan Alone.

Is it September 2007 again?
Boy, did that suck.

I've seen some decent parodies of the Leave Britney Alone video, but that wasn't one of them. It didn't even make sense. Beyond that, it's like the kid was too scared to do the requisite amount of yelling because he figured his mom would come crashing in, kick his ass and make him clean his room.

On a positive note, this did make me want to watch the original video again. Now, that's comedy. :lmao:
Wow, not only does the kid not make sense by asking people to leave Chris Nolan alone when nobody's bothering him in the first place, but he also has the most annoying voice ever. Epic fail for him.
hahaha! yeah, "epic fail"...what is he like 11?
Le cringe.

Couldn't watch it all. :down

'He's a human' lol!
why would anyone pick on Christopher Nolan?
I don't get it. Who's bothering Christopher Nolan?

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